Looking for good PVP Players it

Hello :wave: everyone, i hope I can find some help here :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m looking for some good PVP Players , who like to get rid of the toxic alphas at #2100 . They actually 3-4 Clans wo took the server and won’t let players grow. I mean I can understand it but it would be nice to get them at least in trouble. If u are interested send me Xbox FR xX MitchU Xx. Whole Clans are also welcome :hugs: .

See u

I’m sure someone will report them sooner or later. (Regardless if they are playing legit or not)Servers aren’t held down like they use to be. If you don’t find help just find a new server because there’s no point trying to fight that outnumberd. It rarely works out.

If you are looking to build a bigger clan then it takes time. Every sever you go to try and recruit 1-2 ppl and sometimes they work out sometimes they don’t. Always do it when you don’t have much to lose.

J’ai eu un problème similaire je n’ai reçu aucune aide.

En même temps les gens sont occupé dans leur prope serveurs.

Je te conseille soit d’arrêter le jeu coit de déménager en pve

What a strange recommendation


do you have a better idea? . what do you want to do face to a numerous clans?.

the pvp has nothing legit. I saw on YouTube big stoned clans of people who were alone.

How dare the people post such a thing?!

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Your first problem… there are many videos on YouTube but it’s only the parts that the poster wants to show.( the wins)

Listen pvp is not for everyone but for those who have the will and enjoy the rush I recommend not giving up. Change your tactics, recruit ppl in game as the forums usually won’t get many bites.

The game is very unique despite its many flaws. I personally cannot think of anything worse than going from pvp to pve. That’s my opinion because I like the rush/excitement as I’m sure the op does to. Like I said sometimes you need to simply find a new server. All clans are made up from recruiting as you go.


If you like pvp or want to learn u are welcome :hugs: .

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I mean to give up is the wrong way … Even they are big clans , someone can make it .

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if I find help I will return without problem :laughing:

I love to pvp but not on Xbox. I started out solo like most but over the years have recruited and built a very solid team. We only go after the big clans but these days there are hard to find

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At 2100 Xbox Server you will find at least 3 :laughing:.