Looking for people to join a 20 person server ps4

my server name is ruined insanity
i just created my server a few weeks ago and i need people to join
the XP multi is x10
everything else is basic.
as the server fills up i will hold weekly events in a pvp arena
the server is PVP raiding is all day as much as you like.
there will be 3 BONUS chest laid around the map filled with LEGENDARY items and other helpful items. find it and it is yours.
I being the owner will listen to requests as best as possible.
no i will not give you free items.
max clan size is 5. my base will hold no items, its there just for looks. i will be playing just as fair as everyone else.
be respectful to others. raid to your hearts content.
no you can not be Admin.
there will only be 1 admin.
the server will grow slowly. but not exceed 30 slots.

PVP events gives the winner the items of every person he kills.
depending on people attending it can be 1v1
or clan vs clan.
spoils goto winner.
person who climbs rank gets a item from the server owner.
1 ITEM not a armor set.
not AVATAR items.
if you get a bow it will come with NO arrows :slight_smile:
i hope you guys come join!