Opening a New Serever PS4 40 players


I have started a new server for PS4. It will be opne to public Starting 2-11-19
Been doing Wars and fights for 9 months straight, and feel it is time to offer a server with some rest days as far as raiding.
Server Name Lotus Lickers

40 Player slots
PVP melee 24/7
Raid times
Sat-Sun 1400 estn to 1900 estrn
Mon-Tues 1700 estn to 2100 estrn
Avatars Off until Newest Patch from Test live
When active, only on Sat and Sund. Avatar summon time 30 secs, Avatar timer 90 secs.
10x XP rate
2.5 Harvest Rate
Max Clans 5.
Any physical proof of cheating exploiting will be deliberated among Admins and punishment will include up to banning from server of entire associated clan/allies.
Obbie blocking, spawn blocking will not immediately be banned. But may choose as admins certain obbies that are protected. Community can help decide on that.
Daily restarts inline with officials.
Active admin. If server is broken (no harvest, no damage etc…) will shut down and restart asap. No raiding will be institued immediately until issue is resolved.

There will be some admin events on the non raid days (Weds-Friday) for special rewards.

I am a 9 month veteran of multiple servers. Other Admins are veteran to Conan or Mutiple PVP online games.
There will be rules in place.

No door griefing outside of raid hours (a couple of kills is not griefing, case by case basis). Minimal T1 and altar spamming for Land Claiming. No laziness. T3 the structure or th eadmins will clear it out. This does not mean every sand stone structure will be destroyed, but with ample play time and controlled raid days, there is no reason to at least T2 builds.


HAve 40 slots and is open to public today.
The raid days are set.
Sat/Sun 1 pm to 6 pm estrn
Mon/Tues 5pm to 9 pm estrn
2 x harvest
10 x exp gain
5 man clans
6 admins for server
Will be working on some other things. Message me if you are interested, but it is free to the public. Server is set up so people can enjoy raiding game and still have a life lol:)

Rules update…still hoping to get a good player base.

Legendary Chests will be “sealed” by admins with shacks. We will driving towards gold and silver based economy to get these. One of many guiding game changes the Admins and I want to have wars that make more sense than to just wipe. In the end, man has always battled for wealth. In this case, legendary weapons are the reward. Possibly looking at controlling the most sought after resource as well…brimstone. Not making un-farm-able per say, but possibly closing off half the lake and “Selling” stack for gold/silver to make rare and something to fight for and cherish.

Server is open.
PS4, 4 PVP days a week.
Sat-Tues. Sat/Sun afternoon estern (1-7 pm) Mon Tues 5-9 PM.
Avatars 75 seconds.
Gold Based Economy
100 silver coins = 1 Gold Coin
10 x Exp gain. Want level 60’s having fun across the board.
Not alot of Rules. Very OPen, except all griefing and cheating will be investigated, 6 Active Admins 24/7.

Admin Events. Melee Olympics (katana v Katna, axe v axe, 1v1, 2v2, clan v clan etc)

Dungeons needning double jump, high grit, etc.
Gold is the reward!!!