Looking for a reletivly new server and maybe a clan


So my friend and I just joined a new server that came out a few days ago but today the server vanished and all that work feels like it went to waste, well I’m looking a for a somewhat new server to join and possible a clan that my friend and I can join. We’re reletivly new to the game but we know what we’re doing for the most part

Are you only looking for PVP, or open to PVE and PVE-C?

Lotus Lickers Private PVP.
Raid days Sat/Sun 1-7pm, Mon/Tues 6-10 pm. All times eastern. No raids on Weds-Fri. 24/7 melee combat though. 10x XP gain. 4x Harvest rate.
max 6 man clan, but i am sure there are people still trying to fill it out. Been 30 people per day on since PS Plus free sale of game.