[PS4]Looking for a clan to join uk based or english speaking

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Looking for clan to join preferably uk based, friendly looking to have fun and make new friends please :cry: :joy: it’s boring playing alone and it’s just straight up lonely MSG me ITS-LIVE-FAM

Bump still lonely :frowning:

hey man add me on psn Poly_Fob-801

check out my private server., Lotus Lickers. It is a mix of pvp and pve-c. 3 days a week the raids are off, the others are windowed. Sat and Sun early american time (1 to 7 eastern) to allow for the Euro and English to enjoy it. I have a pretty strong English contingent growing there.

Bit laggy for me that server :cry:

Added mate

Hey Efrazle

i have a small clan on a pve private server we are 90pct uk based and very active drop me a psn message if your interested to madworld1976

Hey man I will do now cheers

Try gunlocker on ps4 good speed times and harvest x5. Ill be on after work to meet you