Looking for people to join

Hey folks, I’ve just downloaded conan exiles, and I was hoping to find a decent bunch of people to team up with, do the Journey, go through dungeons, thrall hunt, base build, more specifically teach me to build (haha!). Hit me up, be cool to find people who want to get stuff done.

Bonjour le serveur "les barbares de l’exile " est un serveur pve si tu veux nous rejoindre tu es le bienvenue

Hello, I would love to join, however do you all speak English? I took German in school, and can’t remember any of that so French is definitely gonna go over my head. Apoligies.

for the moment we are 3 and there is only me who speaks a little English (moderator)⁹

Consider me joined, I have Google translate. There shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Je serai une fois que j’aurai fini

On ajoute moi sur discorde LemMickeyyy#8854 le nom du serveur cest [fr] les barbares de l’exile no wipe ( sélectionne server avec mod )

Bonjour, je suis prêt à rejoindre. Mon utilisateur Xbox est le même que funcom. Ajoutez-moi et invitez-moi.

Je ne sais pas ce qu’est la discorde.

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