Looking for players - PC PVP Official



If you are looking for people to play with let me know below or add me on steam:

Currently on a European Official PVP server. We are 20+ years old and use discord.


Do you already have build and clan on this server if yes do you have rival clan? I’m solo player or pvp server 4 to 10 ppl play max and I’m recruiting to raid all

We have the levels on the server, most our bases have been wiped though. Trying to rebuild now, so a perfect time for new players to join up.
Add me on Steam so we can discuss this in more detail: CrossMeTwice

Hi, how many hours do you have in Conan exiles keera? your steam profile is private btw cant see any info.

1K hours according to Steam. Have had it from the first day of Early Access.

Official still massively in favour of russian/chinese hackers/cheaters atm
How many on your sever with undermeshing bases?
Im up for helping you and see what servers like

Added you on steam, cant message you atm untill you accept

i would like to join you :slight_smile:

Awesome! Just send me a friend request on Steam!

i’v add u on steam :slight_smile: