Looking for PS4 server

Hi, as the topic says I am looking for a PS4 server to play on. Prefer servers with no loot drop on death, and a decent population on at late night east coast US times. I mainly want to build and kill dungeon/world bosses, but not opposed to some good old fashion PVP action from time to time. If any of you guys and gals out there think your server sounds like the one for me, please reply here or msg me on PSN @ Gettaflix. Hope to be playing with some of you new friends soon!


My server is brand new, about a week old. I am looking to build it, it has no drop on death and ten x harvesting. It is on PS4, America, East Coast.

It is called Prehistoric Legends

Would love to see you there!

Hello! Mine is a European server gportal3108 has had many raids now you have to repopulate if you want to come we built an arena for future events and free map halls a little everywhere! There are Italian French English Germans! Come! :+1:t2: