Looking for PV-E/PvE-C server


Me and my friend are looking for a server (Siptah) as mentioned above, We are two guys in our 35:ish who are builders in the main core.

Iam based in Sweden and he is based in Canada, so EU or US server dosent really matter.

We are looking for a server with the following setting:

x Well boosted gathering rate
x Boosted crafting rate, Insta not required
x Boosted leveling
x Minimal stamina drain
x Active admins and a good and friendly community
x Discord
x Long lasting server

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards!

Well If you interested and just want to pass by and say hello. Try EXILES OF HYBORIA (MALESTORM) for a (SIPTAH ) ADVENTURE…we also have EXILES OF HYBORIA ( SYNDICATES) if you are interested in joining an exiles map.