Loss of Zath religion

I was playing Isles of Siptah and I added the “level 70 max” mod and “bigger chest/box mod” and logged back on the world and the Religion of Zath completely disappeared from my world. Its not in admin panel or in crafting or in the religion tab in feats.

Try removing the mods, check whether the religion returns, then add the mods one at a time and check again (first one mod, then remove it and add the other mod).

I have several mods running without issue but neither of those you mention.

If you can narrow the issue down to one of the mods either find an alternative mod, or reach out to the mod author for support.

I use paragon leveling instead of the level 70 mod.
I use stacksize plus instead of the bigger box.

of those listed, i suspect shenanigans in the level 70 mod, but that is a just a guess without testing.

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