Lost connection bug is GETTING EXHAUSTING

I’m nearly fed up. Been playing for years. Dealt with a million bugs, but none as AGGRAVATING and deal breaking as losing connection every 5 minutes.

You want players? You want customers to buy your cute little decorations for real money? Then give us a game that WE CAN P L A Y.


Been having random disconnects as well. About half the time it will spike my ping after so I can’t rejoin. This is while I am playing with my wife, we are both on the same connection, only one of us randomly drops connection and can’t rejoin.

It’s clearly not an issue on our side. Yes, irritating.

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On the title screen, go to settings. In video change performance mode to performance not quality. I’m seeing no disconnects so far. Been in 3 World boss fights that disconnected me constantly, and a run through the unnamed city

Just out of curiosity, are these World Bosses located in areas of the map that are heavily built up? I find the issue isn’t just Three Skull Bosses, it’s any kind of intense combat in a very built up area. I’m at work, but I will certainly try this out when I’m home. Pretty sure I already changed it weeks ago to performance, but I will double and triple check haha

I changed to Performance mode about a week ago thinking it might help. It still disconnects during mob fights and always during purges. It may reduce the disconnect issues, it’s hard to tell, but it certainly doesn’t stop them altogether.

I had 3 Disconnects in 10 minutes earlier.

I gave up and quit playing.

Getting really tired of this seeming to get worse by the day…

Helped me. I’m on a new X series so… whatever helps anyone I guess. Funcom doesn’t seem to be in a rush to fix it so we do what we can.

I’ve tried built up area near noob river and Sepemaru and in a fairly empty area. At this point the community has to try stuff until a fix is issued.

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I’ve been running performance mode on the series X for months.

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