Possible fix for disconnect problem

I’m still testing it but results so far are good. After changing video settings to performance I went to 2 known world bosses that disconnect me 100% of the time. Zero disconnects. Title screen settings, under video, performance mode select performance NOT quality. Try this out and let us know.


This is working so far. More 3 skull fights and the unnamed city checked off.

It is not like that, I have an xbox series s running conan exiles in performance mode. with the last update the disconnections became somewhat annoying and constant

It worked for me quite well. Played all day and got 2 disconnects, as opposed to dozens of times. A fix is still a fix. Will it work for everyone, not likely. But I don’t see anyone else with answers, so we do what we can.

Appreciate the effort! As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve already been on Performance mode the entire time, so no change for me.

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