Lost Recipes After the Transport my Character

Hi… i transported my char a few days ago and everything was going normal after i decided the change my FEATs and drink the yellow lotus potion… and ofc resetted my attr. and feat points so and i saw i lost my all learned recipes where to found in dungeons some of them and some of cooking and mostly found from delving bench all armor types and a lot of weapon types… so is that normal the lost my recipes after the transport or is it an issue or bug in the game… if is it an issue so i want my recipes back… help me about that pls…thnk you.

Yellow lotus drink and possible another drink wich reset your feats is bugged.So its not transfer problem.And by rules you not get them back

first u need to learn to be a kind ppl here, if u dont, i wont be too… I know, how working the yellow lotus pot… and by rules u mentioned??? what rules??? you said this is a bug… why didn’t they fix this fuxxin’ bug??? easy to say, u wont get back!? i dont know what autohority u’ve and u can say that?! i spend my times in the game and spend money, like everyone… so u know the rest what im gonna say after that!..

At first read the rules.Funcom clearly say-they not compensate nothing.Even if this is because of bug or they are quilty.Im understand-you are angry.But this not helps

…so, for example; i learnd again all recipes which i lost and someday i use the yellow lotus potion again and again! im gonna loose my recipes, there is no guarentee of that and then why i play this game?? work harder in the game for rich all recipes and lost cuz of some bug?!.. why still no admins respond to here anyway??

Look-i do some transfers from server to server.For now still not lose any recipes.Not use yellow lotus potion,just Potion of Bestial Memory.Maybe in siptah is bit harder to get-but some miniboses drop them.Or other players can craft some.And not reset Feat points-use shards to get more

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As has been stated by Tera, there is currently an issue with the yellow lotus potion.

You should use the potion of bestial memory as this will not remove any feats.

They attempted to fix the issue with the yellow lotus potion in the most recent update but unfortunately it was unsuccessful.

They have already acknowledged the issue as it was previously reported in this topic, so it’s unlikely they will respond here aswell.

This does not mean they have not seen your post, but they are aware of the issue already.


ok ok… there was going wrong way. my point was; i lost my all recipes cuz of ur issue, cuz of you can’t fix ur issue… i dont have to know yellow lotus potion bug…its ur thing to know and fix… i am a player and i can use any things in the game, cuz they all in the game, yes?? and i dont have to follow all forums topics, i dont care… i spent a lot of time to rich those all recipes and for what?? and u re just saying to me dont drink that potion cuz bla bla … drink that potion bla bla… this is not a solution about my problem… whats gonna be about my recipes tell me about that!..

saying not to drink it is a solution. because you would avoid drinking it the next time. you are not the only one having problems because of the bugs. Unfortunately, you have to be very brave in this game.