Love on Gaia: Are we having a party?

by: Fenrir (character name)

Thomas Bryce woke up to a ringing phone, still recovering from a wild night with Anita, an escort from the Merkwurdigliebe Agency. He ignored the constant buzzing until he saw Deirdre’s name on the caller ID. Deirdre was a stunning brunette he had met at an exclusive party. “I need a favor. There’s a party tonight, and I need a date. Someone tall, dark, blonde and handsome, with a quick wit and a winning smile. Someone like you, Tom,” Deirdre said. Thomas thought about it for a second, while he was looking for a drink, cigarettes or some other narcotic on his bedroom stand. He noticed that Anita was gone. He wasn’t in the mood for small talk and flirting with vapid socialites, but he owed Deirdre a favor. “Fine. I’ll be there. What’s the dress code?”

“It’s a costume party. Come as your favorite historical figure,” Deirdre said.

Thomas groaned. He hated costume parties, but he had made a promise. “Fine. I’ll see you tonight.”

Later, as Thomas got dressed in his Hugo Boss suit and Rolex watch, he couldn’t shake off the sense of ennui that had been plaguing him lately. He was tired of the endless cycle of parties, escorts, and meaningless conversations with people he barely knew. The only thing that brought him any real satisfaction was his membership in the Temple of the Trapezoid, a secret society he had joined a year ago. Still, he ordered an expensive Sherlock Holmes outfit for the night.

At the party, Thomas was surrounded by the same empty people he had grown tired of. Then he saw her. A beautiful woman dressed as Cleopatra caught his eye. Her name was Emily, and she worked for Porsche. They hit it off instantly, bonding over their mutual love of history.

As they talked, Thomas felt something shift inside him. For the first time in a long time, he felt a connection with someone. They exchanged numbers, and soon they were going on dates and exploring the city together, driving around in Emily’s Porsche and stopping for drinks at the trendy rooftop bars of The Standard and The Ace Hotel.

But there was something else going on. Strange things were happening around them. Emily had a strange mark on her wrist, and Thomas kept having vivid dreams about bees. Emily had her own secrets, and as they delved deeper, they discovered a hidden world of magic and danger.

The Temple of the Trapezoid wasn’t just a social club. It was a front for a group of people with supernatural abilities, called the Illuminati. Emily was one of them, and she had been watching Thomas for a long time. He had the potential to become one of them too, but first, he had to prove himself.

Thomas and Emily navigated this secret world together, fighting against dark forces that threatened to destroy everything they held dear. They wielded weapons from top-of-the-line manufacturers like Heckler & Koch and Smith & Wesson, drank Bulletproof coffee and ate at Michelin-starred restaurants like Eleven Madison Park and Per Se, discussing their next moves over oysters and champagne.

As they worked together to uncover the truth, their connection grew deeper, and they fell in love.
In the end, Thomas realized that he had found what he had been searching for all along. He had found love, meaning, and a purpose greater than himself. And as he looked out over the Manhattan skyline from the rooftop of the The Standard, he knew that he had truly found his place in the secret world.