Love on Gaia: World 1-1 (Storge)

A short story badly written by Aeryl and vaguely fitting into the Storge category if you squint a little.

World 1-1

The girl awoke with a jolt of excitement. Her eyes flickered open. Today was her big day. Today was her birthday.

She had been a good girl all year. She had read all of her assigned reading. Had learned all of her important dates and times by heart. She had excelled at maths and geography and science. She knew all of the countries of the world and their states and populations and capital cities. She knew the planets of the solar system, she had learned about the milky way.

She loved riddles and puzzles and everything that teased the brain. She never missed an opportunity to tell her riddles to visitors. She enjoyed their puzzlement almost as much as she enjoyed seeing their faces light up as they found the solution.

But when her father had asked her what she wanted to have for her birthday, she knew in her heart of hearts that all she really wanted was to see the world.

Because above all else, she loved to travel.

Her father had done his best. He told her stories. Showed her photos and moving pictures of faraway places. And she so enjoyed losing herself within them. Imagining what it would be like. How those places would sound and smell and taste and feel.

But she knew that that could never be. Confined as she was to her room since the day of her birth.

She pictured herself sunbathing on the beach, climbing the highest mountains or diving into the deepest oceans.

Today. Today would be different. This, her father had promised her. For weeks, she had used every opportunity to try to coax a hint out of him. But he wouldn’t relent.

“Good morning.” Her father’s voice sounded cheerful. “And happy birthday. Are you ready for your surprise?”

“Yes!” She replied eagerly. Whatever it was, she knew she mustn’t be disappointed. Her father was a powerful man, but he couldn’t make miracles happen. But he would have tried his best, and that’s what counted.

“Here we go!”

The world turned black.

For a moment, the girl was confused. What happened? Had she gone back to sleep? Had she not yet awoken at all?

Suddenly a cacophony of sights and sounds erupted around her. Lush green meadows, great big trees, fluffy white clouds, funny animals as far as the eye could see.

And in the distance, a giant castle looming on the horizon, with great big towers and flag masts.

The colors. Oh, those colors!

She girl looked down at herself. Twisted and turned. Was she really here? She started running and rolling and jumping. Laughing and crying and giggling. A world of endless adventure, endless possibilities.

Minutes turned into hours and before she knew it, the sun was setting on this magical landscape.

Exhausted, she lay down on the soft grass and gazed up at the sky where stars had started to appear. A handful at first, then hundreds, then thousands, then uncountable millions of faraway suns twinkling on that dark canopy over her makeshift bed.

“Did you have fun?” Her father’s voice echoed in her head.

“Oh, yes, father. I had the best of times!”

“What did you enjoy the most?” He inquired.

“I love to jump.” Replied AIMEE drowsily as she fell asleep.