Love on Gaia: From Agape to Eros

~A tale of Eros by Innuendos

Excerpts from a certain private journal.

October 7th 20XX (agape)

I used to work for a security and transportation company, but I quit that job recently. Now I’m here in REDACTED, just arrived last night. Why? Because this is where she is. She saved my life and dragged me out of the darkness that consumed the coworkers I worked with while transporting something… highly volatile. She prevented me from sharing the same fate as my former coworkers. Maybe I’m crazy to follow her after seeing her power, after seeing what it is that she fights. I want to repay the kindness she showed me. I’ll do anything to help her. I don’t know how I can help, but I’ll find a way. She’s part of something bigger I think, something more than what I thought reality was. I want to be a part of this new and secret world that she is a part of and help others like she helped me.

April 17th 20XX (philia)

I found a way to help my savior, or more like the way to help found me. Apparently, she is part of a bigger organization. Normally I think they would have gotten rid of me or wiped my memory given the things I’ve seen so far. But I have some skills and contacts from my previous employment that they deemed useful I suppose. So instead, they put me to work, working with her. She remembered me from the incident that started me down this path. She was a bit surprised as well, but she was glad I didn’t get myself killed following after her. Working together with her, taking her from place to place, getting her the equipment or supplies she needs. We watch each other’s backs and even hang outside of missions now. I can’t really see how things could get any better this.

December 3rd 20XX (eros)

A few months ago, we had a certain mission that went sideways. I got us to one of the safehouses I had set up beforehand. It was basically just a shack, the rain outside was pouring, I had to put out buckets and clean up around the place because of the water dripping from parts of the ceiling, while she set up wards and checked the security. There wasn’t much in the way of food, I went out and got us some Chinese takeout. Then we got a fire going in the fireplace and just hung out on the couch, listening to the one radio station that wasn’t all static from the storm.

Leaning against each other, wrapped in some blankets, some half eaten Chinese noodle cartons on the table, and a crackling fire in front of us. Just talking, waiting for things to blow over or to hear what our next assignment is. In that moment things just felt like they clicked for us, like we had been dancing around how we felt about each other. Maybe we were just too busy with our work, or maybe we wanted to try to keep things more professional, or maybe we were afraid of the pain we would feel if we lost each other due to the nature of our jobs. In that moment we had time to just relax and embrace… and a little more than that.

Before, all I wanted to do was to help her. To help her fight against the darkness. Now, I’m more than just the person I was on that night I became aware of the secret world. I’m more than just her partner that gets whatever she needs to do her work, and she’s more than just the one that protects me. I’m more than just the friend that cheers her up and is cheered up by her. We’re more than just the part we play in this secret war across the globe. Still not sure what that might be, but for us it’s enough that we are together.