Love on Gaia: Burn for You (Eros/Passionate Love) (PG Rated as requested ♥)

Category: Eros - Passionate Love
Nickname: Kyttan

We first crossed paths at The Crusades club in Darkside. The walls are covered in apocalyptic posters that never came to be, warnings of what might come again should our vigilance ever slip.

The coat check girl is a catty bitch, but hilarious in all her snarky, ignorant glory, and while the bouncer isn’t one of Us, his ears are far too sharp…had to jiggle up his gray matter a bit, and now he just rambles in the doorway.

The floors are sticky, the bathroom may have a portal to Sheol in it, and the bartender…oh la…the bartender. Stay away from the Misha & Cyanide, it’s a ride, but unless you’re a Bee, you won’t be coming back from that sweet rush this lifetime.

My gaze drifted over the room, Ash was mixing the music tonight, so the club was packed with Bees of every color. The Crusades was another neutral ground that I favored, hells, everything in Darkside was a neutral ground, unless you wanted to f@ck with Mama Abena, Mambo and their kin, which I wouldn’t recommend.

Wake up with a shrunken head or a mummified dick.

My wandering mind jerked to a halt when I spotted him, standing in a shadowed corner where the Vamps usually congregated. Hook and Scraps were harmless enough here, I secretly believed the two undead Romanians had a secret crush on the Green Warden standing a few yards away.

The Crusades wasn’t just neutral territory for the Factions, it was neutral for all of Gaia’s children, Dreamer’s too if they ever left their prissy Tower, but I’d yet to hear of that happening.

Leaning back against the bar, I motioned toward the wall of booze behind Cruella, and the silver bottle with the cat face etched into it, an attempt on one of my drunker nights with acid and a few hairpins to claim the bottle as mine. Soma was a rare treat for me, and I only shared it with those I liked…or didn’t like. The hangover could be a killer. Literally.

Flashing teeth in thanks as she handed me a glass of the cloudy ambrosia, I skipped the sipping and quickly whipped it back…damn, what was it about that dark corner?

“Nergal’s Rot is naught. It blots the plot of the thought we sought. Pass it on.” The bartender whispered with a nod, ignoring my pale, raised brow, before following it up with “Have you sinned against the tenets of the dark doctrine today?”

“Sin like you mean it.” I murmured in reply, and then set the glass down silently on the bar, took a deep breath, and headed for the dark corner that was missing its usual occupants.

What scared the undead away from their favorite horned crush?

For perspective, I am tall. Not Green Warden tall, my head brushes the bottom of their horns…but this one…oh la. I had the feeling that if he was standing straight instead of leaning against that dark corner wall, I’d be head butting his nipple.

Never thought I’d be jealous of a wall before…

“I wasn’t fond of Scraps, but Hook owed me money.” I stated as I reached the pool table, my hip leaning against the side of it. All I could see of him was shadows, swirling around him like fawning snakes.

Teeth, white and sharp flashed from the gloom in a grin I recognized as lethal. It was a warning, but I was close to immortal, soooo… “Don’t threaten me with a good time, sweetling.”

He moved so fast, it was a blur, even to my eyes. One moment, I was leaning against the table, and the next, I was pressed face first against aforementioned wall, the screamo band suddenly going silent, the clinking of glasses, the gacking-wretch noise of vomiting in the bathroom…all gone.

But I could smell him now…like a campfire on a cold night mixed with sandalwood and a dash of cinnamon.

“You Bees, think you’re so special…beloved of Gaia.” he growled, while his furnace hot breath brushed the tip of my ear, even the body that pinned me to the wall was-

“Jinn…” I purred, lifting my chin to glance over my shoulder as my body relaxed and settled in for the long haul against the wall, but once again, all I could see was writhing shadows.

I could feel his surprise, the shadows swirling in jerking motions with his unasked questions…and I was absolutely here for it. “Blood Elementalist…and not just a Bee. Your touch won’t seriously harm me, Smokey.” But that did answer my curiosity about Hook and Scraps. The vamps would have ashed near-instantly…I might be standing on them right now.

“A new breed of magical monkey? What hole did Gaia pull you from?” he growled. Probably unaware that his growling/angry thing was making my pink bits stand up and take notice.

“Different plain of existence, Smokey…though if you’d like to search my holes for magical monkeys…I could be convinced.” I added that last bit a tad breathily. Jinn were notoriously oblivious to flirting. Maybe because they were created to serve Gaia, and not to be the absolute hottest tail in town. Real disservice, that.

His silence could mean he was contemplating my proposal, or I had once again shocked a Jinn into temporary stupification. Either worked as I arched a pale brow at him, while pressing back into the furnace of his body.

“You are the oddest monkey.” he growled softly against my hair, the heat of his breath stinging my scalp before my coil healed the first degree burn.

The pain made me wiggle, waking up whatever parts of me that had yet to take note of the shadow-cloaked hotness pressed against my back.

“Oh la…you have no idea.” I replied before chuckling. “My idea of a good time is running around the Romanian woods licking sentient mushrooms.”

Silence greeted me once more before a rumble against my back sent all my pink bits tingling, his version of a chuckle, before hands hot enough to burn began disintegrating my top.

Streaking through Crusades and Darkside again it is!

“And what would you have of me, my little lunatic?” he growled before touching my bare stomach with shadowed hands. My soft hiss shifted into a louder moan, and had his form stiffening behind me in surprise, only to press firmly against me when I grabbed his hands and held his palms flat against my belly.

My core clenched, pain and pleasure swirled together, the sting of the burn mellowed as ice frosted over my skin, an Elementalist trick to walk through fire…or on water…you know, like some historical figures we may have heard of…cough…cough.

“How…” His breath burned my neck as he hunched over me, trying to see what kept me from immolating in his grasp.

“Elementalist…don’t stop.” I grouched, guiding his palms upward across my frosty skin until he reached the swell of my breasts, only taking in a full breath when his hands finally shifted, cupping them like my new, favorite demi-bra.

“How can you even see me?” he murmured, more to himself than me in particular, like when ruminating around a pet. His palms took in the weight and jiggle of my moderately-C wrack with another body rumble. Obviously, this Jinn didn’t get to play with magical monkeys very often. Even if I wasn’t one, my coil was an excellent mimic.

“Also a Psychopomp.” I purred, encouraging his exploration by tilting my head back to lean against his radiating chest. “Less talking, more groping.”

Make a Jinn laugh. I can check that off my bucket list now…still looking for that dragon to pet.

His mirth sounded like logs cracking in a fireplace, probably grating to some, but it did things for me, a real panty wetter. “Oh la…if you’ll laugh again, I’ll be as demanding as you want, Smokey.”

“Is that what I did? I can’t recall ever making such a sound.” he mused.

“Oh, I am a riot. Or maybe I cause them? Anyhow, shenanigans. Bite me please.”

My words were met with the crackling wood sound again, as his shadowed form shook against me, it filled my chest with a consuming warmth that had nothing to do with his blazing hands cupping my breasts.

I had found a creature that my body was definitely into, sight unseen, and who wasn’t intimidated by me…and he seemed to find my chaotic nature amusing?

Is this Love? This sudden need to smile and or giggle as he gropes me? He’s 10 out of 10 bangable, but there is a part of me that would be just as content curling up with him, after said banging…and I’ve never been a cuddler.

My internal ramble was cut short as his deep voice began to whisper something against my hair, in a sing-song language I had never heard, yet it called to me, like moonlight and Soma.

“Can Jinn cast love spells?” I whispered, for I had the strongest urge to drag Smokey back to my Brownstone by the park, and find out if I could cast ice spells internally.

“I was about to ask you the same, my little lunatic.” he growled against my neck, yet his breath felt humanly warm against my skin, his lips brushing across my flesh with each word, a titillating caress without the teasing sting.

Whatever words I might have spoken, caught in the back of my throat as firm lips pressed against my throat, and then teeth, razor sharp, slipped beneath my skin.

Oh la…oui & merci…

His deep, rumbling voice echoed in my mind, while his teeth remained embedded in my flesh. “I’ve decided to keep you, my little lunatic, at least until one of us tries to kill the other.”

“Agreed.” I whispered aloud, too wrapped up in the bliss of his bite and whatever twitterpation was currently calling a soft purr from my chest. “Your lair or mine?”