Love on Gaia: Roof Top Picnic (Eros-Passionate Love)

Love on Gaia: Roof Top Picnic (Eros-Passionate Love)
by: Goldsaber (In-game name)

It was a dreary noon when Andy climbed the stairs to the roof to the police station, two steaming cups of coffee in hand. Not that one could tell it was noon, given the perpetual fog and mist that tried to choke out the sun. Moose was likely already up there, since he wasn’t at his workbench around the corner of the station. Andy could see the beginnings of another batch of mines and molotovs laid out precisely over the table, awaiting their final assembly before being put to use against the undead outside the fence.

“Hey Boo Bear.” Moose greeted with a warm grin as Andy climbed the last step. He gestured at the battered picnic basket on the blanket looking east towards the harbor. “Hope you’re up for some sandwiches and chips. Found them down at Sally’s, honestly surprised the place still had anything left.”

“Me too, honestly. Given all the, ya know, property damage from the…zombies.” It still felt weird, saying that seriously, even after all this time. “But yeah. Yeah, I love sandwiches. Got me through high school. Oh! And here’s your coffee. The good kind.” Andy held out one of the mugs, which Moose gratefully accepted, taking a long, appreciative inhale.

“Much appreciated.”

“Oh, you should be thanking the Sheriff. She’s the one who picked out the coffee we keep around the station. I just brew it up.”

Moose chuckled as the two sat down on the blanket and he pulled out a pair of ham and cheese sandwiches and a few bags of chips. Still well within their shelf life, he assured Andy as they two sipped on their coffee and dug into their lunch. There wasn’t too much noise from the undead outside at the moment, likely at a lull before they got back up for another round of attacks. The pair chatted as they ate, Moose filling Andy in about the motorcycle he’d cobbled together mostly out of junk between batches of explosives and traps, as well as him walking their ‘friend from out of town’ through the last steps of finishing the bike. That explained all the racket earlier. As the two lapsed into silence, they could hear the ‘franken-chopper’ off in the distance, their friend clearly putting it through its paces across the island. As he listened to the rumble of the engine, he decided he was going to do something a bit…drastic. But something that he decided that he wanted to do. Madame Rogêt had encouraged him to ‘go get him’, and well, this seemed about as good a time as any. .

“Hey, uh. Moose. When this is done. Like. The zombies and everything. Could… could I… ah jeez.” Andy paused, rubbing the back of hand, gathering his nerve before trying again.

“When this is done, could I maybe…come with you? Like on the road? Maybe? I know it’s a lot to ask, and I don’t have a motorbike of my own, but maybe we could build one? Or-”

Before Andy could wind himself up further, Moose gently took the Detective’s hand. “Boo Bear, I think I’d like that just fine.”