Love on Gaia: The Wicked Grin Tattoo Parlour (Eros/Passionate Love)

Eros: Passionate Love

Story: Aath, Razorgrin (Micah)

Nickname: Aath

[The Scene:

Note: This is part of a roleplay we performed, that I have rewritten as a story]

Aath has burst into Micah Arclight’s Tattoo shop in the wee hours of the morning, The Wicked Grin Tattoo and Body Art. The parlour is situated in the Darkside, Ealdwic on The Coalwalk, a dirty back alley that’s questionable at best and downright ominous at worst. She had had a run in with an Orochi - ESR Team (Esoteric Specimen Retrieval Team).

They had started talking about different tattoos and she mentioned one, high on her wife’s hip. She had given her phone to him to see the tattoo she meant while she cleaned up in his bathroom and accidental over swiping while trying to see other samples of the tattoo, led to some more intimate photos and video’s of her and her partners. He was caught and the night progressed from there.

His situation wasn’t helped by the fact that he’d not learned to shield his thoughts, especially from a skilled telepath. Aath planned to teach him how … but not now … she had no intention of ruining a good time.

Aath chuckles a little huskily at Micah’s discomfort, then smiles widely as she looks over at the redhead. She’d detected something, “you’re worried Irish will come around here and want to punch your lights out … or something.”

He looks up from his feet, giving Aath a quizzical expression. How had she guessed what he was thinking about? Thinking, “ I suppose it’s a pretty logical leap to make.” Writing the incident off as coincidence.

Still smiling she shakes her head a little “He wouldn’t do that.” Then with that perfectly neutral, innocent expression, “Unless I asked him to.” Holding this ‘neutral’ expression for only a couple of heart beats, grins mischievously, “Kidding … you haven’t done anything to upset me … or him.“ The grin changes with a pause, “But he would … if I asked him.”

Micah’s first thought being, ‘Of course he would, who wouldn’t?’ Saying nothing aloud he just nodded his agreement. Looking down to his feet again.

She walks over to the counter; her heels click on the floor emphasising each step. “I was thinking about other members of our odd little community.”

The clicking draws his eyes to her feet, and they naturally follow them to her legs. He has to force his eyes back to her face and try to pay attention to what she was saying. Members of their community… His mind rolled through the various faces of people he’d seen Aath dancing with at parties, most notably Andrew Smith and that one lady who spoke archaically and wore a toga.

The thought of upsetting either of those people did not appeal, Andrew has been nothing but kind to him and he’d seen firsthand what toga-lady could do with a hammer.

Now standing next to Micah, she turns and leans her back to the counter. Pushing with her arms she slides gracefully up to sit next to him. Her little black dress riding higher up her thighs.

His speculations evaporate when she leans behind him reaching for her phone. Her chest almost touches him as she reaches. It’s obvious that she knows that he knows she knows, just how close she is.

Micah didn’t know what to expect yet, when it came to Aath. She’s so close he can easily pick out her individual scent as he struggles to hold his ground and keep his expression neutral as her breasts come so tantalisingly close. Between his big ears and blood magic, Micah is able to hear her heartbeat. A quickened pulse could point to either imminent violence or romantic interest. his thoughts rapidly swing between, ‘am I about to get shanked,’ and ‘is she flirting with me?’

He caught himself breathing in Aath’s scent in like he wanted to replace all the air in his lungs with it. Thinking, ‘Jeeze, why not just stick your nose in her hair, idiot. Might be worth getting stabbed.’ He’s acutely aware that his own pulse has increased.

She sits back, ‘that’ smile tickling her face as she turns her full and undivided attention on Micah.

It takes him a moment to realise that she has started talking about the tattoo she’d shown him on her phone.

“I know who the artist was … It was a Korean woman named Min Yeon … I think that’s how you say it. She apparently died in the late 1700’s. So, becoming her apprentice would probably need something more powerful than a QuiJa board. But I remember Blué telling me that before this woman died, she started a tattoo academy.”

“Oh. Right. Uh… So Blué has been around for a while, I take it. If I’m understanding correctly, and you’re saying she got her tattoo from the original master in the 1700s… Not that it matters, I’m just curious. Do you remember if she’d mentioned the name of Min Yeon’s academy? It’s been a long time since then, and I wonder if it’s still around.”

She knew he’d tested her scent and was curious as to what he found. Humans could usually detect something; her scent was pleasant. Sometimes enhanced by a wispy application of a perfume. She knew that, ‘that something’ in the unguarded could generate a feeling that they’d like more.

She knows she’s been touched with a faint stream of Blood Magic

Creatures of a less mundane nature, such as Micah could sometimes find more.

Having recovered her phone, she starts thumbing through those pictures herself. Using this time to process his scent. Nothing ‘said’ simple, sure there was the scent of a cologne; a faint touch of cedarwood and a citrus of some sort. But there was more, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She steals a glance at his ears.

Well in her view, it didn’t really matter. She had seen him … trying … to be a gentleman and not fixate on her most powerful qualities, or weapons, depending on the situation. Internally smiling as she felt his eyes follow her lines, from her feet continuing up her legs to suddenly focusing on her face.

Sitting there on his counter, swinging her legs back and forth as he stands next to her continuing to doggedly work on not allowing his eyes to wander to her thighs or breasts, which were unashamedly displaying her interest.

He’s concentrating on the side of her face as she looks at the images, and she side-eyes the man while still sporting that somewhat evil smile, the tip of her tongue just protruding from between her front teeth.

Turning to face him, “Andrew is lovely, and Roxy’s toga is most … convenient.” She looks back to her phone and starts saying softly, just loud enough for him to hear “Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub” this is said at the rate his heart is beating … and that rate is increasing.

Micah is distracted by the possible meanings of her grin wondering, ‘Now what’s she up to?’ He’s suddenly shocked to realise that she’d totally caught him using his powers, it seemed now that Aath was teasing him about his own heartbeat. ‘She’s on a whole other level.’

Despite this he finds his first thought is totally irrational, ‘Oh, so Roxy is her name.’

Turning back to the phone when there is a snarled Gaelic “Mo Déithe!” Having watched the video earlier, this will tell him exactly what she is watching. Hearing Brean again makes Micah raise an eyebrow at her. ‘You’re really gonna…’

The audio of the video will continue in the background leaving little to the imagination. And despite her eyes being glued to the screen, she answers his earlier question.

“Blué is a vampire, how she got to get a beautiful tattoo from a master at the end of the 1700’s is a long and curious tale. But Min Yeon’s Academy apparently lived on, it’s called The Blue Dragon Academy. They are very secretive.”

Micah again struggles to completely take in what Aath is telling him. He is just in awe of this woman’s moxy, to be sitting here and nonchalantly watching THAT right in front of him.

Then she turns the phone a little so he can easily see the screen, “This would have to be my favourite part.” The accompanying audio including Aath’s rapturous cries suggests why.

Any intelligent thought about the conversation they were having out loud just flies right out of his head. He flicks his eyes away in a hurry, ‘You just TOLD me that you had a jealous lover somewhere in ‘our odd little community,’ are you trying to get me murdered?’

…Then his eyes go back to the screen. ‘Worth it.’

He watches the scene unfold on Aath’s screen and wishes that he was in it. Not swapping Brean for himself though-- Micah thinks they’re both gorgeous, wishes that he could help Brean worship this devilish woman. He knows that she knows it, and he doesn’t care.

Aath’s smile widens as an image of him sticking his nose in her hair and inhaling floats to her from his thoughts again. Unknown to Micah, this is just one of the things Brean does to her that makes her weak at the knees.

As she’s showing him the section of the video that is one of her favourites, she chuckles to herself. His surface thoughts are painting a vivid picture of his desires and his acceptance of the price he’s considering he may have to pay.

While his head is doing the look, don’t look, look dance, she shakes her’s a little “No … No … I didn’t tell you I had a jealous lover …” As the scene on the phone ends, she has a very self-satisfied smile as she captures his eyes, “I … don’t have jealous lovers.” She sighs just a little, “I said that others in the community may react differently to you, well …”

The footage stops and Micah sighs and leans away from the counter, but only to reach past Aath and put his palms on the counter’s edge on either side of her thighs.

She lowers her phone to look directly at him, “… having your fingers rummage about in their privates.”

As he leans on the counter directly in front of her and says tiredly, out loud because he needs to hear what she says, “As much fun as this has been-- it’s two in the morning, Aath. So… Are you gonna go home to that lucky guy… or do you wanna stay here?”

Finally catching her comment concerning his browsing of her phone’s photo album, “Interesting phrasing…” he chuckles, but understands now what Aath means, he’d seen more photos than just her and Brean’s. If it made any difference, the only thing that held his attention had been the video-- the rest of it he’d pretty much forgotten. Except for maybe the one of Aath practising sword combat blind, that had been impressive.

First glancing at her phone, “It’s 2:37 … “ She looks at him directly again, her face now a picture of pure innocence.

“Just what …” Her smile widens again, “Are you offering?”

He chuckles again as she verifies the time and looks at him like a golden cherub. He answers her plainly, surrendering completely “My bed. My body. Anything else the lady might require.” Micah grins lopsidedly, then says, “And a sketch, in the morning. I wonder if I can capture the way the sun would light your hair.” ‘Please don’t be one of those that sneaks out while I’m sleeping. Hit-it-and-quit-it drives me nuts, I just hate it.’

Returning his grin, nods “I can accommodate all your offerings and requests, and I would love one of your sketches.” Her grin widening as she remembers a quote from somewhere. “Maybe you could do me like one of your French girls.”

Then she pauses and while still smiling her tone is deadly serious, “If you can accept an understanding.”

“If we accept each other now … It doesn’t suggest I have any future claim on you … Nor do you have any claim on me. If we choose to enjoy each other again in the future, well and good. If not, so be it.”

“I say this because in my life … enjoying each other like this does not suggest any deeper commitment, over the here and now. If that is not the case in your life, this would be a mistake.”

Micah has a surge of joy, and then contentment. He nods as Aath speaks, listening to her. He answers, “I can accept that. I don’t have a problem with it at all.” ‘I wish more people looked at it that way, really.’

Aath remains seated on the counter and watches as Micah hurriedly locks the parlour’s door and turns off the open sign.

He returns to scoop her unresisting form up and she happily wraps her arms about his neck. She flashes him an outrageous faux pout “I am not evil.” Then grins “Well … maybe a little.”

As he carries her up the stairs, she leans back just a little and looks into his eyes “Micah René Arclight … I like you. You are kind and considerate people.”

Her smile then again turns evil. “I think we need to recap today’s videos and move on from there.” There is a short pause until she adds innocently “You’re not really that tired, are you?”

His own smile gets a bit dark and seductive as Aath asks her innocent question. “I’m not tired at all.”

-fade to black-