Lovely community - The Forgotten Kingdom - RP/PVP x2 XP and Harvest

The Forgotten Kingdom is a RP/PvP server for Conan Exiles. Our aim on the server is to provide consistent, quality roleplay that fits the theme of the lands of Conan: a world that’s relentless in it’s brutality, with inhabitants that are as likely to want to kill you as help you. With no KoS (Kill on Sight) but with rules that encourage spontaneous as well as planned PvP alongside your RP, The Forgotten Kingdom is perfect for anyone looking to take on a more hardcore roleplaying experience where your actions have genuine consequences!

We have active Staff members who are approachable and always willing to help, as well as a number of dedicated, long-standing community members who are there to give advice and roleplay with you. Building destruction is timed to 8pm-10pm CEST to introduce a daily “raid period” which encourages realistic construction of defensive structures and hammers home how brutal the world is.
For those not so into PvP, there is a civilian system that offers raid protection, but not protection from all PvP. And for those who are into heavy RP, all of our members are committed roleplayers with characters that you’ll enjoy interacting with.

Join The Forgotten Kingdom discord at for more information, rules and to contact the GMs with any questions!


For all new players there’s joining the server I will give them a “starter kit” after they have passed level 15.

  • The only thing you have to do is following.
  1. Join the Discord and change your discord name to your ingame name.
  2. Get you ingame character to level 15.
  3. Send a PM to me (Zayan Sanford) with this promotion code: TFK2018KIT
  4. I will hand over the “starter kit” to you.

If you already are on the server or knows someone, get a personal promotion code, and make your new friend send that one instead, then you will get a promotion “goodiebag” for recruiting a new member to the server and Discord*
*Same rules as above.

All promotion codes ends at 31/07/2018.

Any question about promotions PM Zayan on Discord.


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Don’t bother with this server…
It was fairly good at one point but unfortunately due to continuous admin abuse it’s now virtually empty and will continue to remain a untrustworthy place to play.
The server owner should have had the courage to remove the active admin Euron when his integrity was first called into question but it was allowed to continue and he was called out on at least three separate occasions for suspicious behavior.

The admin has already admitted spawning into the game items that weren’t available for his own use as they “fitted his theme”
The active Admin will also “move the goalposts” with regards to the server rules in an attempt to justify his own actions when they can’t be justified.
They will also remove players and their entire clans if you attempt to point out the suspicious behavior.
They try to justify the removal of the clans for “being salty” when in fact they are only speaking the truth, in the last day or so 3 large clans where removed from the server which is why they are now trying to tempt new players in with offers of starter kits etc.

And no I wasn’t in one of the removed clans, I played solo and spotted the admins behaviour and left the server beforehand.
So don’t waste your time with this server, unless you want to “nut cup” like the rest of the players who play alongside the Admin.

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This is a great server with active admins and helpful community members.

Ignore negative comments from Baker, all people removed from the server were done so with good reason (toxicity / breaking rules / offline raiding) and are now salty because of it. Most spawning in by admins was done so for RP reasons or because of destruction caused by the rule breakers. The clans that left or were removed did not read the full rules and complained about admin abuse as soon as they were told they couldn’t do something as per the rules.

Please do not let the comments of salty players put you off joining a great server with a good amount of RP with a little PVP every now and then.

EDIT 9/7/2018 - This server is now called “Golden Empire Ruins - NewStart 09-07 - X4 XP/Hav (Mods)” - do not be deceived by the name change.

I want to contribute as someone who has been on this server for a few months now. Needless to say, I am hugely disappointed in how this community has been over time, and really, until the admin team takes a huge step back and actually work on some means of accountability and/or avoiding dramas in the first place, it’s a server I regretfully suggest avoiding until the admins can actually sit down and figure out how to avoid these conflicts of interest.

I will however state for the record that this server has some excellent roleplayers whom I feel will be penalised for the actions of others. And also beyond the situations listed below, the server owner and admin team does a pretty decent job at helping out players with issues where rulebreaks occur, or if the server needs to be reset. I will hope that they are able to make the community a better place by constructively engaging with the admins on how to avoid these dramas from causing such a huge blow to the community that has already been fractured by bad admin practices in the past rendition of The Forgotten Kingdom.

As mentioned by Baker, Euron has spawned in (and admitted in the Discord channel) purge thralls when the Purge was currently unavailable to players which gave an unfair advantage to him through providing those items. These were used in an RP war which resulted in queries about the legitimacy of the victory, and caused the losers to leave the server OOCly. Some have claimed that these clans broke the rules, such as raiding the aggressors home (“A good defense is a good offense”), but there was a conflicting statement in the #war-time channel of this Discord - tl;dr, so long as no “cheating” occurred, anything was fair game in war according to Zayan / the OP.

There was no clear cut definition in the rules of the war that the defenders had to remain at their temple, and thus one of the aggressors home’s was raided. Santy (the person whom suggested counter-attacking an aggressor’s base) has made an accusation that this home belonging to the admin was then repaired with spawned in T3 structures, however I cannot confirm/deny whether this is truthful or not [it could very well be interpretted that this was “griefed”, which the admins would have the right to spawn in building structures (equal to the level of the building tier) to repair any damages caused, as is standard practice for anyone affected by griefing - it may also be an attempt to discredit the admins further, however, there is already suspicion enough that the possibility may hold some degree of merit]

Personally, any server that can drive three major clans away OOCly (which Euron has confirmed in his recent message to the Discord channel) is doing something (or appearing to do something) very, VERY wrong, and I sincerely hope that Euron / Zayan can do their best to look at this situation calmly and figure out how to move on from there.

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