The Forgotten Lands RP/PVP SERVER

Morning Exiles are you looking for a server were you can actively RP and have fun? Then I say join us at Forgotten Lands. We have active admins that are willing to help out as much as they can. We have rp villages, and an rp city were everyone can meet up and rp with each other. We have arenas were people can fight at and win prizes and then head for the largest arena in the desert to win the huge prize. The fighting arena can also be used to resolve issues between fellow Exiles. You can rp as anything as long as it follows the lore or somewhat the lore. As long as it is not too lore breaking we do not mind. If you wanna be a king/queen of a city you made and go to war with another faction you can so do that. Or you can be a merchant who travels the land to sell his goods. There are endless of possibilties the only thing that holds you back is your own imagination Cough and the lore.
This is also a fresh server that has been recently made.

We also have warpoints to the rp villages and rp city. You have warp/Midgard for the village in the north. Warp/Eislhlic for the city. Warp/Sakegawa for the village in the jungle.

We have the following Mods Emberlight first, Immerse rp as second, and pippi as last.

This is the direct connect if needed to our server!

This is our discord link I hope to see you new Exiles joining soon.

This is a great server, great admins.