The Forgotten Exiles 18+ RP/ERP/PVP/PVE Server

We have an active community as we have started just a few weeks ago now and slowly growing as we begin the lore of the server!

The Forgotten Exiles is about the exiles who got voided. They became lost ending up on a land full of magic, lust and very strange beings.
As they began to build there have been multiple towns that have been built to help guide the other lost exiles.
This came to be as after the event of the Catastophic War, it caused a raft between the current world and the void causing the whole of Hyborias existence to be
drifting between the real world and the void causing other supernaturals and other magical beings to exist in hyboria. As the two worlds collide other factions took up arms
trying to maintain peace within the lands.

Here lie the forgotten exiles, what is their story? What is there motive? Most importantly who are you?

We have:

  • 4 mains player hubs
  • Beginner kits
  • AoC factions
  • Weekly Server Events(PvE, PvP and wholesome)
    Pippi - user & server management
    Unlock+ w/Pickup
    Thrall War Dungeon Mod
    Conan Sexiles
    Less Building Placement Restrictions
    Improved Quality of Life
    RA: Character Customisation
    Warrior Mutator for Conan Exiles
    Savage Steel
    Savage Steel Vol II
    Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)
    EEWA Feats Remover
    Immersive Armor
    Shadows of Skelos - Extended
    Stacksize Plus
    Northern Timber
    High Heels System
    Barbarian Barber
    Accessory Wardrobe
    The Age of Calamitous
    The Age of Calamitous - RP Add-on