Conan RP server

The Forgotten Outcasts are looking to some fun new members. We have are striving to make a fun and great RP community with lots of fun but no OOC Drama only IC.

The modlist consists of
Conan Sexiles
Slaver mod
Thrall wars
Thrall war deco
Cinnamon Candles
Dudes Delightful Deco
Dungeon Master Tools
Shadows of Skelos Extended
Northern Timber
Glass Construction
Stack Size Plus
Improved Quality of Life
RP Aesthetics
Less Building Restrictions
Unlock Plus with Pick Up
Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling

We have warp caravans around the map to help making traveling more fun, we have hubs with vendors that sell armors, weapons anything that you could think of. We are always accepting opinions on what any exiles would like to see. We have starting kits and seeing as the level cap for this server is 300 we will be starting people at 100 , also a starting kit with weapons, armor, tools and some building supplies

The Forgotten Outcasts

Server is up and opened to those that would love to join and come have fun

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