Maelstrom Light Torch Fix?


After 1 hour of use the torch just disappears. There will be a fix in the feature for this torch?
Not to mention that you need a good rng to get this torch… so right now is pretty much useless content.
At least make something so we can repair it.


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Legendary weapon repair kit.

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I tried with legendary weapon/armor repair kit and it doesn’t work at all. And after 1 hour of use you will have nothing to repair because, guess what? It disappears!

You need to always repair it before it breaks, then it’ll last you for your entire playthrough. Some legendary items have no fix option once completely broken and thus require a replacement, maelstrom torch, Thag’s weapons for example.

Thanks for the reply! Already told you that i tried with legendary weapon repair kit and it doesn’t work. At least in my case, siptah map. The torch had 1 more minute and that’s when i tried to repair it. I want someone from Funcom to confirm this.


i own the torch and the legendary weapon repair kit works just fine on the torch as long as it still has timmer on it.
i even logged in and repaired it like 20 mins ago… any mods u may run?