Repair legendary broken stuff

My first playthrough and I got a predatory blade, it’s my first legendary item that has broken, I have legendary repair kits but cannot repair it… is this a glitch? If not, you should give heads up, like when we are starving/ thirty… or better yet, lets make the repair kits work.

Repair kits DO work. However, you cannot repair items that are fully broken. Your predatory blade needs at least 1 durability left to be repaired.


That sucks…

Legendary armor is the same too. Make sure you repair it before it breaks.

I recommend farming The Nemedian

coupled with this trick from my friend @Barnes

You’ll never need a repair kit again.
It’s what I do.
Godbreaker Boots work as well, but I find the helmet easier to obtain.
Unfortunately you can’t allow the tool or weapon to break completely with this method either.

I usually live in the north, so I use heat protect Armour in a really cold area to use the method Barnes laid out in his Guide.

Firespark also did a guide on this helmet, but erroneously reported that it repaired Armour as well, it does not.

He also recommended putting it on a thrall,

But as it can be damaged and doesn’t repair itself or any Armour it’s best to just put it on, change inappropriate Armour for the area, repair a bunch of tools and weapons, change back and store the helm for next time.

You just need to watch your health, using this method.


Yep, losing a legendary because you weren’t paying attention to its durability sucks. On a positive side, you can still mount it on a wall and it looks good, even fully broken.

You didn’t mention whether you’re playing on PC or a console. On PC at least, the hot bar shows item durability, so at least you have a chance to keep an eye on the item’s health. Just don’t get into the “it should last for at least one more opponent” way of thinking, because by the time you’ve slain the next opponent you’ll have forgotten that there was some maintenance that needed doing, and go find yet another opponent - and there’s that tooth-jarring sound of a breaking sword…

But even knowing this, I’ve still broken more legendaries than I should. I still need to get me a new Black Blood pick…


After a freind broke his blade, it took him 4 months to get another. He now carries a repair kit with him.

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I keep all of the legendaries I’ve broken in a stash in case they make a rebuilding kit someday that lets you fix completely broken items.

I also have a stash of things I accidentally put the wrong upgrades on in case we ever get the ability to remove upgrades too.

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