Repair blackblood tools?

Hi Guys,
can somehow repair or learn the new Blackblood tools? (except with the legendary repairkit) !?

Nope. They are legendaries. With a Purge T4 Blacksmith you could craft the kit yourself.

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Nemedian Helmet


Godbreaker boots work exactly as nemedian helmet an they r craftable… some putrid meat or temp dmg will do for not breaking the gear u wear while taking dmg… also gas orbs u find from loots can also work ur way… just be sure to have the tool equipped while u take dmg so it will repair bit by bit… will only consume ur time

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Farm brimestone without mask and the helmet/boots also repairs.


Hey there,
as it has been answered before, let me sum it up for you:
as black blood tools are legendary items, there are only 2 ways to repair them currently:

  1. legendary repair kits, craftable by a purge thrall,or found in both chests and boss drops in the Unnamed city.
  2. the new “Karmic” effect, found on Godbreaker boots, and the nemidian helmet.
    a guide to obtaining and using the latter, which you can easily do early game, can be found here:

the easiest way by far, is to do a chest run in the unnamed city, at least 4 free repair kits, found without needing to stop and fight the monsters, in easy to get to locations.


Is the effect stackable with the helmet and the boots? IE, instead of 3 ticks per, get 6 ticks per?

According to some YouTube comments: no.

Also dmg from fighting repairs 6. From environment it is 3.


Cool thanks. Guess i will just run around my south base in flawless epic vanir, or go stand naked with a helmet on in the frost temple like some kind of perv :slight_smile:

And according to some other Youtuber, it should work in thralls too.

And thralls dont get dmg on the gear.


I said this over chat the other day: something satisfying about squatting over a fire in heavy Khitan while your weapons get repaired.

It’s like a spa day for your tools and weps.

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wow, can I please donate a purge blacksmith so u won’t?

And that goes for all you perfectly sane and normal people standing naked in helms


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