MAG (Mid-Atlantic Gaming)-Num 18+ E/RP PV(X) (Access by Interview only) PC


MAG (Mid-Atlantic Gaming)-Num 18+ E/RP PV(X) (Access by Interview only)
About US: Newly rebranded, building an active (closed to the public) community of Conan Exile PC gamers from the Mid Atlantic area.
You must have access to voice chat! Interview for Discord access is done via a voice chat with one of our admins
Anyone is welcome to apply. Our focus is the Mid-Atlantic U.S. New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C and West Virginia. We are looking for: Members who want a community feel and will be very active in discord.

No donations needed or expected ever!
Conan Server: local host dedicated: I7 8core, 32GB, SSD. fiber optic (hosted in Maryland)
Escape the rat race, relax and build to your hearts content.
Bring your friends, lovers, slaves
Responsive Admins available for updates and modest server improvements (vendors, Thespians etc…)
Hub W/ portals for fast travel, free kits available for Lvl boost and starter pack, arena.
Small mod list (see Discord).

RP is “open format” Reference C.L.A. for those who need help with backstory
(You get one life it’s short, enjoy it)

Rules are simple:
Adults only 18+
Respect others on the server.
No kink shaming.
Don’t be a douche canoe.
Don’t build on shared stuff bosses, unlocks scarce resources.
Message an Admin to set up an interview for full discord access when you join. Discord d4Ahsg7