Magic can't be learned any further, can only build the magic wand

Hello, I learned the magic of the following problem, so I also learned the magic further, between time the one base was raided by us where the Thaumaturgietisch was in it. After update and co. I have been farming more things lately to learn the last 3 levels. If I now build the thaumatic and pack everything in, with a new book, it only shows me that I can build the magic wand, but no longer expand the symbol for the magic pages :slightly_frowning_face: do you have the problem too?! Or what do I do, or Is it due to the game/update?!

@GDR432XB if I understand your problem right you need a sorcerer thrall to craft the pages

No, it’s not about learning the magic, I had not learned the three recipes with black blood before the patch, the yellow lotus potion was also taken, which probably caused the problem, read it in another forum, there the players started over again… I also found the problem in the workbench, the buttons for L3 are no longer displayed to me it is permanently on the sword, the scroll is completely hidden, 24 things in the magic are free, but in total there should be 27.

Here you can see that only the sword is displayed there

This has been unlocked so far

That’s what it should look like, it’s on another server, everything is normal there

15 spells is the current maximum.

Yeah. They really should just remove that item until they find a way to fix it once and for all, bugs with it are too common (and can be fairly devastating).

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