Yellow Lotus Potion, No longer Upgrade Sorcery Book

**Game mode: Online private
**Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE
**Region: North America
**Hardware:Xbox Series S
After gaining Sorcery abilities, I took a yellow lotus potion to reset my stats. This caused me to loose my ability to upgrade my sorcery book in the Thaumaturgy Bench. I am still able to use the table for weapon and armor skins and to craft the staff but lost the icon for the book upgrades.

I went back to the cave twice afterwards and was able to pick the book back up again but with no luck on seeing the book icon back in the table to upgrade. I am currently stuck on “level” 1 sorcery book with no way to fixing it. Is there something that I can do or will we need a patch for this?

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Hello there @GravWavWiz!

Thank you for the time you took in reporting this to us.

Regarding the situation at hand, would it be possible for you to please provide us with a screenshot of what shows up on the Thaumaturgy Bench?

I can provide a picture as I am having the same problem. However I’m a new user and cannot send a picture?

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Hi there I’m having the same problem, I drank the potion, reset everything, now the book isnt showing in the crafting panel on the right, only the arcane staff is there, please help I miss my magic haha

Me too. However I can’t show customer support a photo because I’m new. :frowning:

RitualGround can you enable to send a photo to help with the sorcery issue? Ty.

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@RitualGround, Legionofboom06 screen shot is accurate to what I see. On the Crafting Menu on the right side of the screen there no longer is the Tomb of Kurak icon for you to select and upgrade your book. The icon was and should be next to the Arcane Staff.


This is exactly the problem I have and I have no book on the right. I even went back to the cave to see if that made a difference and it did not. I have destroyed and reconstructed my table as well with no change. PS5.


No Book icon on Crafting menu from Thaumaturgy Bench. @RitualGround


Same here, it looks just like that for me

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I am having the exact same problem.

Has anyone figured out a soft solutuon in the meantime? Ive considered using the recreate character option.

That would be a solution, however you only get one character and you would have to commit to your stats bedore getting the book. So in a way it is but you’ll be starting from ground zero, not so bad if you have a clan to keep your builds.

Any closer to a solution?

@RitualGround is this going to get fixed soon?

I have not received a response yet other then requesting a screen shot. What you see on this thread is what I have.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and for the screenshots provided.

We reported this situation through the appropriate channels and will be looking into it.


Thank you :grin:

Still no closer, let’s try bump the thread guys :joy: we will provail

If we unified on of thread we can get this fixed