The yellow lotus potion bug continues... I missed the first season of Age of Sorcery and will miss the second

Since the release of Age of Sorcery, after taking the yellow lotus potion I can’t level up my tome, the option simply disappeared. I confess that I was very discouraged, I stopped playing, I enter the game every week to see if the problem has been fixed, but it seems that you are not interested in solving it, since I made several complaints about it.

Hey there,

I think you need to be aware of something here…
If your character is bugged in that regard… then sitting around waiting for an update isn’t going to do anything.
Your character is already saved with the progression broken, no amount of game updates is ever going to change that… If the bug is fixed, it’s only going to affect future characters.

If you are on an official server, you can contact Zendesk as they have access to your character data, however if you’re playing in single-player then your only option is trying to use console commands to learn / unlearn / reset sorcery. Other than that your other option is starting a new character.

Good luck


I’m on an official server

You have tried going back to the cave and learning sorcery again, right? Simply by interacting with the book again.

First and foremost, try that! just to be 100% sure. Go to the cave, click on the book… go back home, see if you can level up the tome.
Keep in mind there’s a new bug, when interacting with sorcery stations you need to be under 100% encumbrance, if you’re overencumbered then the buttons will be greyed out and disabled.
(also don’t forget to put the actual tome in the bench)

If you’re sure that doesn’t work, then you can try contacting Zendesk select bug report and tell them something along the lines of :slight_smile:

Obviously fill in the relevant slots with your character name, server and funcomID :slight_smile:

If everything goes well… and you get some smart people there… they will know to delete your character’s BasePlayerChar_C.SorceryGrimoireProgress property from the database and thus reset sorcery like you never learnt it. (or even replace it with proper progression)

After that you’ll be able to go back to the cave, and learn it again for real.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Can you share more details with us?

  1. Please share the Official server number.
  2. The date and approximate time when you used the potion.
  3. Your character and clan name.

Also, have you upgraded to any level of the tome before taking the potion? If so, do you remember the last spell you got?

Feel free to reach out in private if you prefer.

We really appreciate any help you can provide in this investigation.

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