MAJOR Texture Issue: Original Map

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Texture load issues upon the original map, regarding many different items in base game

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  1. Launch Game

Since the update upon 9/18/2020, there have been several issues regarding textures loading within the game. Several of which many question. I’ve attached MANY screenshots regarding a roleplay server. Running the game on ULTRA settings, fetching starmetal, there was a meshing issue loading into different areas. Areas noted, however no screenshots for all of them were:

  1. Warmakers Dungeon
  2. Starmetal Pass
  3. Highlands
  4. Desert

Items that have been affected That are base game

  1. Books
  2. Journals
  3. Flowers
  4. Mushroom Boxes
  5. Water Planters
  6. Planters
  7. Dancer Skirts


Does this happen when you remove your mods? Someone reported a similar issue earlier in the LBPR and it turned out to be due to one of their other mods affecting vanilla items as well.

It very well could be. I’ll start ripping mods out and see what I can find.

So removing the mods did nothing. Just a heads up, having this issue on both maps now.

These are for sure not base game items even though you state them as such (these are from Emberlight). Can you please provide some IDs of base game items that are bugged so that I can test on my server as well?


The books are surely from Emberlight, as I have that wrong texture as well.
Now it says ‘Funcom’ in a circle on the front part of the books, as if it is a default texture…

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The rows of Emberlight Journals having the funcom logo (and the quartered texture) was going on for me (and various other Emberlight items), but as of the latest mod update they appear fixed in my game. There was a problem between Emberlight and the base game that was causing this issue, but it should now be fixed (though conflict with another mod could maybe somehow reset the problem?). If you haven’t updated the mod yet, hopefully that may also fix it for you.

That said, I didn’t encounter the ‘sinking into the ground’ issue shown in the pictures above, so that may be a separate issue.

Just to add, here’s another example of a vanilla item being borked.

I am not seeing this in the base game though, it must be mod related. From my test server (no mods):


Thanks, helps narrow it down more, I’ll have to play around in my sp a bit more too.

For what it’s worth, I have a couple of kilns still looking fine in my SP game as well - and that’s with mods (including Emberlight) still running. (Can give you the full list if you think it’ll help).

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