Make better use of the game difficulties

The last patch made us talk about several aspects some like and other not.
The one part calls the other part complainers.
Some think it is to easy , other are not happy with the nerves.

What I think is, all are right.

The game offers several difficulty settings. But the online official servers only use one of them.
But exact this would be perfect for the different game settings, for instance:
Momentum/new dodge only activated full on Brutal. This is only an example.

I think with some adjustments this system could be a way to give each player what fit his/her taste better as it allows different settings on different servers.

To make it clear: I speak from official servers, as private servers allow this already, except tuning the damage/perk nerves.

No, a private server is no option for me.

Edit: I just read the recap from yesterday and found, that Alex already talked about this possibility, so here:



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