Make the dark more bearable without night vision

Please add lantern belts that hang around the player’s waist so we can use two-handed weapons or climb at night or in dark dungeons while still being able to see.

Also, please allow use to drop burning torches on the ground to provide light. When dropped they could continue burning, providing light, and using up their duration. Then let use pick them up to return them to our inventory.

Place standing torches, you can place them just about everywhere (minus caves since there on lock down)
Also potion for night eye, but gotta give up crom or go thru trouble of getting jegisad for it. =/

Dropping glow piles be neat. Thou likely get abused…

I mean I want to be able to walk along with my torch out. Then if I get attacked, I want to drop that same torch on the ground and draw my sword, fight around that torch, then pick it back up and continue on my way.

Can we also get new torches on console? Maybe witchfire or like a few legendary torches with longer durablity, repairing our torches is really just a thorn it’s not survival flow or a material dump, i’d rather repair a legendary and farm legendary kits

This would be cool especially if they incorporate the radium gems and the ability to dye them. Running about with a nice red glow would look awesome :sunglasses:

You can with a bit of luck farming the red mother dragon boss in UC, grab yourself the Final Breath of the Mother. A legendary torch that burns for from memory 7 days. Slap an advanced reinforcement kit on it and it’ll go for 2 and a half weeks straight.

Glowing goop stick with Adv Rein kit goes a solid 50 hours if your having no luck getting the legendary. The goop weighs next to nothing so carrying a stack of that is no dramas and if your like me and always have a pick handy getting a few bones is easy.

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