Handsfree Torch

Please implement handsfree source of light so two handed weapons like 2H.Sword or Spears or 1H+Shield can still viable without holding a torch.

It can be implemented by adding fire to the weapon so it will act as torch as well, or by using a torch spear that can be put on the exile’s back like deadpool, but instead of sword it’s a torch/lantern put on a long stick. Or whatever works.

Other suggestion shown while making this is : Droppable torches / Belted Lantern.

Also I just found out about Radium, can also use that as well put on weapon socket.


Or a belt attachable lantern.

OR even option to drop the currently held working torch/glowing stick.
So our daggers and 2h weapons could be useful even on the darkest nights.


Lantern shields!

This is actually one of the things that bothers me about this game, can’t use a torch in the main hand have to put down the shield or bindings.

there is a feat for non-fire torches and iron wall lanterns, how smart do you need to be to go “hmm I can put this heavy metal cage on a stick and put a glowing thing in it that keeps glowing even if I swing it, why don’t I use that to club people with instead of fighting in the dark?”

There is a lantern shield, just can’t craft it outside of admin panel. They do have a 2h hammer that glows too.

More options would be nice, they also did talk about having a working sorcery spell that emited a glowing light around your character but ofcourse we won’t see that until sorcery is finished.

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I just want the ability to drag thralls and carry a torch.

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This game is always way too dark, especially in certain biomes. I have wanted something hands-free since EA. Something for the belt or back whatever. Give us a backpack with a torch attached.

Also, I would like to see the weapons and shields on the character just running around. Be nice to have a button to bring them to the ready versus grabbing the shield on the radial and grabbing the sword on the radial. It’s not very immersive to be running around and stumble on a bear only to not be able to quickly pull out your sword and maybe even a shield using a radial which takes too much time and then realizing you had to swap your weapons with food, water, tools, building pieces, [how did these insects get in my radial again?] etc. Never mind I’m dead because the battle took place while I was in my inventory. At least combine them into one radial slot = sword and shield. You did that with the bow and arrow. Alternatively we could use more radial slots.

Fighting in the dark, running in the dark or dragging thralls around in the dark are all really difficult unless you create a path of standing torches to light your way you could walk right off a cliff dying and loosing your thrall. Love the idea dropping the flaming torch on the ground while fighting like Assassin Creed Origins does.

with the light arrows now on testlive it enables to fight in the dark, so i think that’ll help

It’s already in game. There are legendaries that emit light.