2 handed weapons at night

So I really enjoy Conan Exiles but I personally prefer 2 handed weapons, and not being able to have light at night and trying to fight with a 2 handed weapon is annoying so I typically end up just standing still at night or stay in my base. I’d prefer to not have to waste points and carry weight on 1 handed weapons just to be able to fight at night so can we please get a way to have light and a 2 handed weapon, like a lantern that can hang on your characters waist. I’ve seen it in other similar games you have an additional item slot that you can equip a lantern to and then you can fight with a 2 handed weapon at night or in dark areas. This is really the only major issue I have with the game.

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There are at least 2 2h weapons in the game that lights up the dark. 1 2h hammer legendary whose name eludes me now, and one 2h sword that can be learned from delving bench on Siptah, Night Light is so fittingly called. Could be more, but those are the ones i’ve come across.

Forgelight is the Legendary Warhammer that glows. Not sure, but I think you can give a thrall a torch for light if you generally walk around with thralls. A lantern on the belt would be a nice addition though.

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That’s true. lol. The dust dropped by the guys in Buccaneer Bay, the mask dropped by the guy in Summoning Place, the religous potion from Jebhal Sag, just to name the ones I know.

I would personally like to see a weapon/armor mod that emits light. You trade damage/armor pen/AC for light.

I guess that could be an issue with turning hundreds of thralls into beacons of light though

May I suggest:

or simply running around with a thrall who has a torch and/or Forgelight, Night Light, or Glimmermoon.

I should clarify more, so I prefer the 2 handed spears, daggers, and bows and I’m also on a new game on isle of siptah I don’t like the 2 handed axes and hammers and even if I did I still would have to wait for max level and farming drops to get either of those weapons and the other things you’ve listed aren’t an option either because if they are somehow available on isle of siptah I like to discover things on my own so who knows how long it’ll be before I find any of those if they’re even on siptah. Also I really only have a thrall with me if I’m doing dungeons or boss fights but on the exiled lands I could solo everything so I pretty much never had a follower and so far on siptah I’ve had no need for a thrall. I honestly feel having a thrall with me makes the game far to easy and boring and since I’m PvE I only usually have a couple of thralls to help against a purge at my base. I know they added light arrows but I don’t find them to be very effective not sure if it’s a bug but the light arrows for me are about 1/4 the brightness of a torch and they disappear after 5 seconds pass.

I don’t need the light I’d just find the game more enjoyable with it :kissing_heart:

Lmfao this comment is golden :rofl::joy:

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