New Handheld Light; Lantern, "Ashen" style & deployable Torches

Anyone who played a descent amount of the game “Ashen” (a souls-like) should be familiar with what I’m about to suggest.

A new handheld light source, an Oil powered lantern lasting 30 minutes but not being as bright as a torch and weighing around 5 units (Oil used in creation, and to “repair” it). Apart from obviously being a different aesthetic to the usual torches, we could have a “lantern drop” animation tied to offhand use, letting us drop a portable light source at the push of a button during combat.

When we put it down, its light timer could burn twice as fast in exchange for burning brighter (larger light radius).

In addition, there could be another version of Torches, a Staked Torch, which offhand usage would be to stab it into the ground. Theyd not last as long as regular torches, 10 minutes of burn time Im thinking.

Honestly I loved the uniqueness Ashens dark areas had with that lantern. I think itd be an awesome addition to Conan Exiles.


I never played the game but I understand what you say and it’s very beautiful, it will create a different atmosphere in the game. I like the dropping idea too , so no land claims necessary to put down my lantern.
YES it’s beautiful.


Ashen? You need to check out Dragons Dogmas lantern, waaaaaay nicer to use and way more mechanics attached to the lantern itself, i miss the Dragons dogma lanterns



I love DD:DA.

Hip lanterns were so damn nice. Maybe we could manually equip them like a piece of gear to put them on our belt. There’d need to be a new slot for that tho, but Im in.

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