Brighter candles, a knife in one hand, an oil lamp on his belt

  1. At the moment, candles are useless due to unreal and too weak light. I propose to make them look like the candles that stand on the workbench “sphere of nergal” and “alchemy table”. Then they will have a nice warm light that will create a magical twilight :slight_smile: (unlike torches and other light sources)
  2. Knives occupy both hands, not allowing you to use the attack under water (and after all, a knife under water is a classic), and also do not allow you to hold a torch, which is terribly annoying. I suggest making a one-handed version of each pair of daggers so that no one gets offended. Make the animation simple and fast (for example, similar to the animation of a short sword), while strong blows will also cause bleeding.
  3. A two-handed weapon leaves no room for a torch. Yes, the game has ways to see in the dark, such as Jebbal potions or dream powder, but as for the Conan book series, oil lamps are used everywhere (just like in the real world). It would be nice to introduce such a light source into the game, while such lamps can be made differently designed and even with a different color of glow. Refueling (instead of repair) with oil.The lamp is attached to the belt.
    I hope what is written here somehow affects the game. If this turns out to be true, then I am ready to prepare a more complete list of improvements that will make the game a little more pleasant and beautiful)

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