Conan Exiles Torches and why they SUCK!

Torches should be able to light stuff on fire if I throw a grease orb on the ground I should be able to light it on fire with a torch. Of course it’s a very Lowe’s damage multiplier. Also would like the ability to throw the torch on the ground, and leave a light source behind. And that light source would exist as long as the timer on the torch remains. And if I threw that torch on a grease orb it would catch on fire. All of these mechanics already exists in the game it just needs to be Revisited, and reworked this would add significant depth and value to an existing system. And substantially improve gameplay.

phased development approach

Phase one

  1. Add the ability to throw torches on the ground

  2. The Mitra shrine, needs a light source that emits from Ankh. The one that you get at Tier 1 shrine, would admit a small light source, like a 5-meter the improve dog would admit a light source that is a 15- meter radius

Phase two

  1. Add the ability for torches to apply a small burn damage over time. Based off their

  2. Redefined tier one, tier 2, and tier 3 torches

  3. Rework the torch tier system, the something that mirrors the current crafting system, for example iron, Steel, hardened steel, star metal, obsidian

  4. Add the ability for more complex torch recipes, that require different improved benches. For example and improved firebowl cauldron woodcrafts the Ember for the light source. Ma improve Carpenter bench Woodcraft the handle. This would be your tier 3 torch with a unique visual representation and light source

Phase three

  1. Active torches that you can loot in the world, spawn timers like mounds of the Dead.
    That have a unique visual appearance, and their own burn times

  2. Add the ability for torches to add a small damage overtime burn damage, based off their tear. It actually has a viginal burn, send you on the character model.

  3. Add the ability to ignite tar and gaseous orbs, once you toss a torch on it.

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Why was my post flagged o.O


someone couldnt handle the smedge of snarky and flagged it. XD

As for grease orb… depends on grease. If grease doesnt get hot enough to ignite as it passes thru, it wont do much.
I kinda wish more weapons could be 1handed with it, or drop it.

I use carry stand torch to drop, I found it easier to just carry 1hand if I happen be caught out at night.

I was wondering the same thing really weird. My post normally get hidden or blocked. I had some really good threads with over a thousand views reviews in the past. And maybe they’ve locked my thread because they felt that there was a competing thread, and I’m the one who had to get my Act of conversation shut down even though I actually created videos and content about it.

I don’t think you’re allowed to place standard torches on somebody else’s property. But torches would be an item that you could throw on somebody’s doorstep, in order to Mark where you wanted the raid. It just adds a lot more options and playability. I just washed my own video again after a couple of days. And I think I need to rework it. I don’t think I articulated the idea effectively, maybe I’m being too critical

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