Torch rework, to include fire damage

Greetings and salutations, I’ve been putting together a series of videos in a podcast format where I discuss mechanics and mechanisms to improve the game. Simple reworks. That would not cost a lot of money in production value are creating additional assets just refining existing mechanics

I’ve done this video in the past but as I improve my hardware and audio recording settings and equipment. I want to revisit it just to improve the overall experience.

So this video is basically about the torch being used as a low damage weapon that can inflict a damage over time with fire. Also known as a DoT. I would really like to see the elements in this game reworked quite a bit. They really need to standardize a lot of the stuff. because right now they have


Gaseous orb. I’m not 100% sure if that’s a poison, or in a fixie ation

I would like to see arrows that’s supported all five of these effects. If there are more effects in the game either unaware of them,

Also the deities shrines need to be heavily associated with these different effects like for example

Yog give bleed arrows
Set gives poison arrows
Mitra give fire arrows
Ditra gives corruption arrows
Yirei gives cold arrows

Each deity is associated with and effect, and their armors weapons and abilities are associated with these effects. Like the emperor spear should do a small amount of fire damage also radiate light.

Yogs weapon should do bleed damage, so forth and so on and you get the idea this gives more relevance to the deities in also ties them to a world of fact.

But back to my original topic torches should be able to light stuff on fire if I throw a grease orb on the ground I should be able to light it on fire with a torch. Of course it’s a very Lowe’s damage multiplier. Also would like the ability to throw the torch on the ground, and leave a light source behind. And that light source would exist as long as the timer on the torch remains. And if I threw that torch on a grease orb it would catch on fire. All of these mechanics already exists in the game it just needs to be Revisited, and reworked this would add significant depth and value to an existing system. And substantially improve gameplay.

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