Suggestion: Light Source and Additional Building Hotbar

In the 900 hours played there are two items myself and other players have discussed wanting to see implemented in the game.

The first is a belt-attached lantern or some other light source that can be utilized for anyone using a two-handed weapons. If you ever used the Skyrim mod by Chesko, “Wearable Lanterns”, then you have an idea of what I am referring to. Something Conan Lore related would be appreciated because as it is now players are forced to use single handed weapons, roam the dark, or thankfully a recent cool alternative, navigate by lighting strike. I enjoy the challenge and can see how the dark is a survival element that can force these choices such as stay home at night and go out during the day, but until we can see in the dark like npc’s this should be an option. Perhaps a mid-late game progression option or world recipe.

The second is an additional hotbar that can be flipped back and forth and can only be used to store building pieces. Having the ability for players to lay out their building pieces on a separate hotbar without having to mess up weapons, tools, food, and skins layout would be a great QoL improvement. I understand the idea of limiting choices, but building can be its own game and having an additional hotbar to make building even more fluid would be a plus.


Lighting is an interesting mechanic. If you wear a lantern while you harvest, you are a shining beacon to the ganking gods. Often I choose to harvest at night, because it’s harder to see me. But I agree that a lantern would be a nice addition. We already have oil, so it seems like a logical next step.

I would also like for this lantern to have multiple uses, like the torch does. From the torch you can craft standing torches, wall torches, and protected torches. It would be sweet if the lantern could be used to craft belt lanterns, hanging lanterns, lanterns with differently-dyed papyrus (colored lanterns), and so on.

On belted lanterns: TestLive has War Paints, which are activated and deactivated on the toolbar. This functions like equipping a shield, only that it doesn’t require a hand. So you can toggle the War Paint on and off at will, just like you would for a belt lantern. The functionality is similar.

i remember them talking about hip lanterns on stream at some point and if their flavor text on the wiki is/was correct(no hand lanterns on xbox so i cant check and they may have been patched out at some point) at some point lanterns shouldn’t be seen by other players ingame

There are 2 main types of lanterns:

  • a lantern with a candle and some mirrors in it. It creates a dim light that would barely be enough for cave exploring. You dont delve into danger with a candle.
  • an oil lantern that has significantly more light. But I would add another mechanic to it : if you get hit while having it on your belt there is % chance it will break, spread oil and turn you into a human torch.
    There wern’t any commonly belt attached lanterns used due to it being cumbersome and volatile. Aside for Skyrim mods I guess. It was a common thing however to have a lantern attached to a polearm. Tho one must imagine first hit with said weapon should break that light source.
    I personally would change item type of torches to that of javelins. Being able to throw/put away torch on the ground for the duration of a fight. I would also change the torch recipe to use silk and oil instead of coal (seriously what is up with that?). Those who struggle to obtain such ingredients still have the improvised torch option.

I agree with both. A lantern will prove useful moving in the dark but also will attract dangers. There’s pros and cons if this is implemented. Better visibility at night is always a need since the night is so dark and you can’t really see anything at night, even if there’s a tree right in front of you. But then the light will attract anyone and anything. That’s quite a danger at night as you know people are always attracted to something bright.

I like the second suggestion. It’s quite annoying to be a need to change slot with your weapons and buildings. I always put my tools, weapons and food on all 8 hotbar. And if I were to build one, I need to replace what I don’t need and replace them. Then I can’t protect myself if things go wrong while building. No way I could equip my weapon from the inventory in time before I could defend myself.

Not too shabby, those would improve the quality of life while playing haha

There are those creature in world of warcraft going on about the players not to take their candle? Nevermind.
Maybe some helmet with a candle (providing little light, like 1 foundation far) would be a suggestion?

A lantern instead of torch? Install testlive and open up admin menu. Its already in there if I recall it correctly.

I could’ve sworn there was a shield on the game that has a lantern slot in it. A shield with a lantern wouldn’t be so bad either since all the tools are main hand. Having a belt attached lantern would be cool though so I could use my two handed weapons at night.

I herby sign the petition for an additional hotbar!

I personally would not restrict it to building. I would prefer more than ten slots in general.

Delayed response, but I am not a big forum stalker as I tend to give time for healthy feedback. I am grateful to see several post in support of these points. I am empathetic in the other side of things with the risk vs. reward and forcing us to make choices, but the choices being forced are the wrong one’s.

I am a supporter of QoL and making a game more fun. These two things will meet both of those.

Take care,