A light source that we can attach to our horse saddles

Riding home dragging a thrall in the dark last night I managed to ride my horse straight of a cliff cause I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face lol :joy: It’s prob already been suggested but a small lamp that we could attach to our saddles so we can have light whilst dragging thralls on horseback would be nice.


You have a valid point but that was really funny when I played that scene in my head lol

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This is why you set up a camp in the evening.

If you want to hax it flip the gamma bar.

Just figured out I can force my thrall to equip a torch in their off hand so I’m doing this for now. I’m way too impatient to make a camp and sit it out lol

I have suggested, in the past, that FC introduce weapon oils, especially for 2H weapons, that could be used to light a blade on fire for a limited time. Also, firearrows could emit light while held.

Bows and 2H weapons require 2 hands to use and therefore a torch cannot be used at the same time as the bow or 2H weapons.

The fire effect could also add a short DOT to targets.

Ì feel it would be more fitting for CE to use fire instead of a lamp…

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