Suggestion: be able to keep the torch lit while mounting horse

Since the new update, funcom added the option to keep holding rope with thrall while mounting on horse which is amazing feature!
That made me thing maybe we can do the same with the torch? Everytime I hold torch lit and mount a horse i need to hold it again on the horse to lit the torch again. i know this isnt a major problem but characters holding the torch and rope in the same hand (left side) so maybe they can hold the torch lit as well while mounting the horse.
P.s I dont think this is change somehow the meta for pvp servers or something, its minor change to quality of life in conan exiles.
What are you saying exiles?
May crom bless you all!


It’s a minor annoyance, but if they could do this, it would be an appreciated QoL fix.


Would make sens, that’s a fact. :fire:

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torch being mainhand and offhand. Torch with rope in hand pls

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Torch + mount :roll_eyes: annoys me from the very beginning. Especially now, when the night has gotten even darker.

You know, games shouldn’t be very real. They should just pretend. After all, it’s just a game, not real life. Nights should not disturb the gameplay. See how they solved it in the recent Assassin’s Creed games. The night is cinematic-night (you can see everything) and it does not interfere with the gameplay. And the character holds a torch even as he climbs :heart_eyes:

A :+1: for bringing the subject to the front.

Somehow I don’t think the horse would agree with the idea of someone trying to handle a lit torch while trying to get on his back. :wink:

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Survival game is a subcategory of Action games - so they belong to the extended family, but if you @drachenfeles want an example from a closer one, let’s take the ARK: SE. The nights are dark there too, but I want to highlight :bulb: something else.

The player can be stunned and can no longer see what is happening around him and cannot move. It’s feels real, but it’s boring, sometimes you can’t even do anything for a few minutes - it’s like standing in the elevator or waiting in line to the store (it’s boring activities).

I don’t understand why there is a moment in the game when the game forbids you to play it? Why should you not see anything at night in the game? I just can’t get it. :scream_cat:

Maybe I am limited, prejudiced against this topic, maybe other games have accustomed me to bright nights. For now, when night comes to Conan Exiles, I change the server and I keep playing there. :wink:

@Glurin Right, but the player could take out the torch automatically after finishing the getting-on animation. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There’s a major difference between being tranquilized in Ark and stumbling around in the dark of night in CE. When you’re tranquilized, gameplay comes to a complete stop. You are 100% dependent on somebody being nearby who can shove some stimberries up your butt or just waiting until the effect wears off. You have zero control over what happens.

Nighttime, however, merely alters the gameplay. You still have complete control over your character. You just have to contend with limited light sources now. In that respect it’s not that different from say, having your armor break and no longer add defensive value. You have to choose how to adapt to the new set of variables as they are presented and you have multiple options available to do so.


You know you can just pretend to move that gamma slider up. Shhhh

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I will certainly agree that Survival can have many Simulation elements and it makes the game more interesting. :blush:

Survival games are a sub-genre of action video games, usually set in hostile, intense, open-world environments.
Source: Survival game - Wikipedia

Good explanation :+1:

@JJDancer High gamma looks so bizarre as if everything is in a fog, but it’s definitely an alternative :smirk:

Back to the topic. :face_with_monocle:
Even after bandaging, character pulls the torches back. Why is this not happening after getting on the horse? :speak_no_evil:

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It’s because contrary to popular belief, wikipedia is not a credible source of information. It’s built on the idea of crowdsourcing, and thus is highly susceptible to manipulation. Works well enough if all your looking for is some generic info on a subject, but if you’re after the nitty gritty details you’re better off looking elsewhere and doing your own research.


Why not do the same as Ark and attach the torch to the saddle.
Or have a glow plant that lights up only at night that can be smeared on the saddle.

It is a game people. Always amazes me that companies pay good artists and then I can’t see the graphics due to either too much dark or developer toy over use of fog or haze without the option to get rid of the fog and haze so I can enjoy the graphics.

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Some of us enjoy the real dark. …Thou, Much like many of older topics, Glow Goo Belt pocket item. (for climbing, and having a small light source has been requested for long time.

Something like Dragons Dogma has no Moon in sky, so its DARK DARK, but your lantern is attached to the hip and it works. XD
Souls games your character has small crystal.

Which is one of issue CE has with Dark Nights, There Done really well, but items we use fight it kinda suck. You should be bale Hold torch and better with more objects instead of it canceling.
Or have a small light source so you can see your feet itlest.


With the glowing essence for example, we could make lot cool glowing stuff of different kind.

Different attachments, but maybe also glowing weapons.
But there plenty examples and ideas around to make good portable lightsources.

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