Mane Novum (RP/PvE 18+ Siptah Server)

  • You find yourself in the hold of a boat. Your last memory being an unnatural storm. But even after the worst storms, the sun will always shine again. Will you be the one who brings light to the Isle of Siptah? Or will you succumb to the evil lurking in the darkest corners of it?
    You should be aware of one thing, Exile - you will not be alone here. People appear on the isle, lost and confused. Just like you. How do you want your actions to be remembered? Will you side with the good and help those in need or decide to walk the darker path? Whatever you do, know this - every action has its consequence. And every consequence comes with a price…
  • Lose yourself in a role playing experience. Fully immersed in a flavorful world full of opportunities, you’ll feel like you are really there! A player driven world, with an emphasis on interactions and exploration. A unique way to play, you never know who or what you might encounter!
  • Always In-Character RP Isle of Siptah server which includes mods such as AoC, EEWA, Professions, along with many other mods to give players a unique experience on Siptah.

Main features, but not limited to:

  • Level 60 boost (optional)
  • Fully functioning AoC And EEWA features
  • Alternate method of obtaining thralls which doesn’t require farming the maelstrom
  • Significantly fewer maelstroms per day
  • All the recipes and feats from exiled lands
  • EXP/ gathering rates: x2.5 / x1
  • No wipes
  • Extensive modlist
  • 5 admin hubs
  • Plenty of quests, including dailies
  • Player-run economy
  • Numerous fantasy races to choose from
  • Choose a darker path and become a Vampire, Ghoul or Werewolf

Modlist: Steam Workshop::Mane Novum Server

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