May 27th for ps4?

So they announced that the new Isle map will be fully released on may 27th. Does that mean for pc only or the consoles also? I didn’t watch the twitch stream so I’m not sure. Can anyone help me out with an answer?

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for everyone, ps4 and xbox included.

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Awesome thanks for the reply.


How much is it going to be?

We haven’t seen an answer for that as far as I’m aware

TBH, I would rather pay to have all the bugs fixed with the current content than pay for content that will add more bugs. Seriously Funcom; If you fix every single bug in this game I will sign over my ROTH IRA to you and you can divvy it up amongst your employees. You have 1 week…go.




Well I believe that a lot of bugs will be fixed , either you pay or not for the new dlc on 2.4 update for consoles . Yet some new or old may pop :wink: , but tbh I don’t mind anymore , all i care is Siptah with my friends, new map ,new discoveries , new adventure .

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I do not understand the question, but the 27th of this is the complete release for all platforms, that day you can buy the dlc, install it and play.

We havn’t even got patch to fix game. >_>

As much as i want new content… I want the game playable. I’m pretty sure when Abunch of people buy Siptah on consoles, (that come back…) Not gonna be happy.

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Hey there,

The launch date of Isle of Siptah on PS4 is May 27th, along with the release of Update 2.4.
You can read what 2.4 will include in the PC changelog (note: the consoles version will also come with a series of QoL optimizations and fixes)

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