Me and my clan got banned on ps4 official server 3777

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Banned]
Region: [North America]

[Free text]
I got banned with no information on my ps4 account and my clan was banned as well for no reason we have no problems with the game but we get banned for no reason more than half my clan doesn’t play and they all get banned and we don’t get any information on getting banned on a server 3777 this pissed me and my friends off

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You need to read the server rules and regulations and send a personal message to the appropriate people to get information. Most likely no one in until Monday.

you have to see the rules of the game, whether one of your entire clan uses a game glitch or cheats, they are all guilty

Your clan most likely deserve to be ban. There is a reason for everything. Just ask your own people. Or perhaps you know and just denies it

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