Medium Armor for Hot biomes

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I would like to know for archer in medium armor, what set are you using, as it seems there is not medium armor with hot resistance with accuracy bonus or even grit bonus. (Don’t tell me about the stygian, this is not possible to wear, this is not even an armor)

Try the Raider Armor feat.
All three sets give Accuracy, the first two provide heat protection.
I think.


Here, I found this.

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Stygian raider is literally the medium archer armor set. And yes, it has heat resist. Wear it or don’t.

I know but it is so so ugly !!! I don’t feel a ranger or archer wearing this …

Unless you’re a hardcore PvPer, just wear whatever armor is the most aesthetically appealing to you, screw the stats.

I wear heavy Vanir because I like the look. Sure Silent Legion has better stats and defense, but I don’t care. The extra stats and damage reduction are negligible in PvE. I’d rather enjoy my appearance.

I’m not saying Silent Legion looks ‘bad’ though, on the contrary, I quite like it. I just prefer heavy Vanir.

Also the elemental protection hardly matters except in extreme conditions and only if you need to climb, really. So I wear hot armor even in the desert and swamp, also on the volcano unless I need to climb. Heatstroke is weak, as is frostbite. :slight_smile:

I would just pick the gear you like. Picking gear with accuracy is ok but you still need to put points in other stats as well. Do maybe pick gear with grit, agi or vitality to save points in them instead.

Bonus stats are only really helpful if you are going to max out point in a particular talent as they get a lot more expensive the higher you go.

Don’t forget you can get tattoos which also give you +3 stats as well.

I normally use epic flawless dafari gear with tattoos and get +12 strength! Now that’s nice when I only need to put 28 point in to this talent to get 40 to unlock 4 of the traits.

Sure most like the silent legion, but I prefer to roll about and dodge :laughing:

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