Armor types and stat bonuses

I couldn’t find this anywhere, so I decided to make a list to help people decide what kind of armor they wanted to use.

Armor name Type Protects against Stat bonus
Aquilonian Medium Heat +5 Agility
Cimmerian Fur Medium Cold +5 Vitality
Cimmerian Steel Heavy Cold +5 Vitality
Darfari Skin Light Heat +5 Strength
Derketo Acolyte Light Heat None
Heavy Heavy Heat +5 Encumbrance
Hyperborean Slaver Heavy Heat +5 Strength
Hyrkanian Raider Heavy Cold +5 Accuracy
Kambujan Shaman Medium Cold +5 Strength
Lemurian Royal Light Cold +5 Survival
Lemurian Warrior Medium Cold +3 Acc/+2 Str
Light Light Heat +5 Encumbrance
Medium Medium Heat +5 Encumbrance
Mitraen Light Heat None
Relic Hunter Light Heat +2 Enc/+3 Surv (claims +3 Agi on tooltips)
Reptilian Medium Cold +3 Grit/+2 Vit
Setite Light Heat None
Shemite Light Heat +5 Accuracy
Silent Legion Heavy Heat +3 Grit/Enc/Vit/Acc/Str
Stygian Raider Medium Heat +5 Accuracy
Stygian Soldier Heavy Heat +5 Agility
Vanir Fur Medium Cold +5 Grit
Vanir Heavy Heavy Cold +5 Grit
Vanir Settler Light Cold +5 Grit
Ymir’s Light Heat None
Yoggite Light Heat None
Zamorian Thief Light Cold +5 Agility


Thank you for sharing this info. Very helpful.

I think no one has created because there’s bugs with it. For example, Reptilian shows Cold protect, but it really is Heat protect… same goes for some other armors. If you put them on and then check your stats menu, it’ll show correct, even though the info for the armor piece is wrong. Kambujan Shaman is another example of this.

So kambujan shaman is actually heat protection?? If that’s the case, I’m making it RIGHT now. I never wore it because I thought it was cold protection.

Oh, good catch! I checked the stats on the attributes screen, but didn’t think to check thermal protection.

Yeah, put a piece of armor on and take a look at the stats tab. I started doing that after I saw the Reptilian giving cold protect in the info… that didn’t seem right. Confirmed it was still heat protect by looking in stars after equipping. I do it for every armor type now.

To add:
At least flawless epic versions grant +9 stats.
Except for black keep armor which grants +3 on I think strenght, vitality, accuracy, encumbrance and… was it grit?


Does anyone how to get Cimmerial Steel Armor? Its not in my feats and can’t seem to find any information about it. Much thanks in advance.

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It is an epic armor, learnable at level 60. It is a standard feat.

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FWIW, there’s a quite comprehensive guide about armors from Flissa92 on Steam:

And you can also try this gear in the Character Planner:

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Very useful armor info thanks y’all .

Those are epics though. I just wanted the regular one but I can’t seem to find it. Most of the others have regular armors that aren’t the epics.

I have a recommendation. It would be nice to be able to choose our stat bonuses. So we can wear all different types of armor and get boosts on what we would like.


Yes. I agree 100%. The Temp spec and stat bonus should be customizable by the player.

Hyperborean slaver is wrong. It protects against cold not heat. Still looking for a strength heavy heat armor

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