MEGAversary MEGA Boss Event: 29th June - 14th July

They’re here! Time to squish those Mega Bosses… well, even more than we’ve been doing up until now. The community brings you the MEGAversary MEGA Boss Event!

From the 29th June to 14th July, spread across the length of the MEGAversary event you’ll all have the chance to wipe them out… all of them :slight_smile: We will organize this near to each Euro and US prime time as possible for the maximum level of “squishing”. The actual times will follow, shortly. There will be twelve Bosses Summoned at each time slot.

Can you do it… Secret Worlders? Yes you can!

If you can help out with tanking and or healing, please contact me on or post below, we want this to go out to as many people as possible across ALL of the community of the Secret World :smiley: You will know more about the schedule when we finalize and post this on 24th June.

Any questions feel free to ask.


Well, I guess we could also help things out by turning on No Limits for the kickoff weekend…would you want that? Asking for a friend.

  • Yes, gimmie them free keys
  • No plz

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Imagine the devastation! Surely the would be no limits to the cleaning that could be done… those Mega Bosses better watch out! The Secret Worlders are coming…

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I can come, can do all roles, for EU timezone

IGN: Endashi

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Thanks, Endashi… the schedule for the MEGA Boss times is on the Main Thread in the General Section.

The MEGAversary 2018: 29th June - 14th July

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Alright, got the green light. We’re good to go for free dungeon, lair, and scenario chests for the weekend! :slight_smile:


Weekend is from friday to thursday, right?

We have it scheduled to start tomorrow (June 28) at server open and through Monday, ending Tuesday morning EDT.


Um… I might be dull here, but what’s this megaboss thing about? Will there be bosses summoned, in the world, or in Deep Agartha, or what? And how will we know about them?

No worries, lordyoyo, it will be the usual mega boss summoning area, in Deep Agartha… they will be announced before hand and the schedule for them is on the General Thread for the MEGAversary… which I’ll actually post here as well… just a sec…

The Yellow highlights are the MB times as near to prime time as we could for the MEGAversary Event.

(Click For Larger Image)

(Click For Larger Image)

I’ve not done one of those Megabosses yet - is it sufficient to hang around in front of the Deep Agartha Portal and wait until it opens, or do I need to find a particular instance of Agartha where the boss is summoned? Do I need to be in a raid before? Is there a maximum number of people who can join?

Thanks much for organizing this, looking forward to trying it out.

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Hi Sethra… there is a jump to the Summoning gate… I think it’s labeled on screen “To Deep Agartha”. When the call out goes out meet up on the player doing the call out, jump over to the area. Then then summoning group clicks on the MB, a big heart appears and then the gate is opened for most every to get in. The Rewards are sometimes a signet and Signet distillates. So get your signets ASAP :slight_smile:

The summons usually uses one lair key, as far as I remember.

Ok, thanks - have a few signets to level up, so this sounds good.


I won’t be able to come unfortuntely :frowning:

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No worries, Endashi :slight_smile: It’s probably too late in your time zone.

:tada: Today’s the big start of the day! Happy MEGAversary everyone.


We’ve sorted a modified google doc with links to most of the events listed folks… it’s -

Check it out for direct access to each event in each time cell.

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Video of what this is about:


Thanks for posting, lordyoyo :slight_smile: I have forgotten until now to do one … d-oh!