Merging Tribes on official Servers?

A friend of me would like to merge his tribe with us. but there is no option till now. he has to be off for more then 1 week and would loose all stuff if we dont merge. also we cant access our stuff till now.
is there any way or maybe a GM that could help us?

sadly Randarius only speaks german, so iam asking here for him…

Official Server # 1009 PVE
my Tribe: Aventurier
his tribe: The Randaren, Player: Randarius

Only way that I know of, if he is the tribe leader get him to kick all other members from the tribe, once he is the last member he then needs to leave the tribe. All items/buildings will now be in the player’s name not the tribe and he is free to join your tribe with all of his stuff :grin: be careful as thralls may sometimes bug out and cause them to agro against the player

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