Metal: Hellsinger — Accessibility Patch 2022


You’ve been slaying it since launch, singing my tale of revenge to Hell and back. In the meantime, our demons have been busy at work aiming to make this ride more approachable for all of you.

Today, we’re releasing a patch that will focus on accessibility, with many requested features such as remapping inputs on controllers, joystick dead zones, changing visuals on the rhythm indicator and reticle, as well as a mode with no penalties for those of you who prefer focusing on tearing up the skies.

You can read more about what this patch includes below.

Accessibility Features

Some of these features will be listed in the Accessibility section of the Settings Menu, while others may be sorted in a section relative to their category. For example, FOV settings will be found in Graphics Settings.

  • The option to change the color for both the Rhythm Indicator and Reticle has been added. Players are given the ability to choose whatever color suits their needs.
  • Players can now override the game cursor with their Windows System Cursor. The size and style of the cursor will reflect their system’s cursor.
  • The option to remap buttons on controller layouts for all available gameplay actions. Not all actions are available for all buttons. Camera and Move can only be mapped to joysticks.
  • Players have the option to set controller Dead Zones for the right and left joystick separately.
  • An optional Beat Assist mode has been added. A mode to always stay on beat and ignore all penalties.
    • Achievements will not be affected.
    • Scores will be omitted from Leaderboards.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where cross progression between the Microsoft Store and Xbox caused saves to be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to start the Incaustis level caused a crash on certain languages.
  • Fixed an issue where attacking an Elite Stalker may result in a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where a controller disconnecting resulted in directional inputs being unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where inconsistent latency values were present throughout the Calibration Run upon skipping calibration flow.

We hope these changes will make the Hells a more welcoming place for all of you Hellsingers. After all, it is a cozy place.

Rock on. :metal: